About Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country full of historical places, amazing beaches, incredible mountains and it also offers to show you it's culture, tasty cuisine, lovely people and much more.

Turkey is surrounded to the south by the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea to the west and with the Black Sea to the north. Because of Turkey's diverse regions, there are different climates, for example, The Mediterranean climate has a hot sunny summer and mild winters, temperate oceanic climate with wet summers and winters in the north or continental one in the middle of Turkey with contrasting seasons.

Turkey has an amazing history with many well-preserved historical places, ancient ruins, castles and museums. In every single corner, people can find some parts of Turkish heritage.

Turkey is a unique country with modern and traditional cities and towns that differ so much. This country will surprise you in every aspect.

People who love sunny weather and spending time on the beach, those who love historical places and sightseeing, those who like beautiful green scenery with wonderful mountains and active holidays with hiking, playing golf or even skiing, Turkey has something to offer to everyone. Many tourists come to spend their holidays in Turkey and come back every year. Many of those have decided to buy a property in Turkey and have their holiday home here.

This special country has friendly, hospitable people with wonderful services or delicious food. Those incredible things make foreigners fall in love with Turkey and either it is Istanbul or seaside resorts in the south of Turkey, purchasing a property in Turkey is a great decision that no one regrets.