Alanya's next move against the Coronavirus

The Alanya Municipality Cleaning Companies were fully prepared for May 11 due to the fight against COVID-19.


Some areas were particularly taken into consideration on May 11.

The procedure that had taken place during cleaning:

  • A team of professionals consisting of 9 people was sent.
  • Specialised equipment was used (3 types of disinfectant spray).

The municipality's employees were in coordination with the jandarma and the police, try to carry out all activities as quickly as possible. The work aimed at against the COVID-19 virus has been completed by the target date.

After a thorough inspection, planing and disinfection of residential and industrial areas in Alanya, Adem Murat Yucel (the mayor of Alanya) had proudly announced that the city is now much cleaner and safer for all residences and guests. 

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