Foreigners purchased about 21,000 properties in Turkey

Turkey remains one of the most attractive countries for buying property abroad. Last year, foreigners bought more than 21 000 properties here. The greatest demand on the Turkish property comes from the citizens of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom.

Turkey attracts many foreign buyers due to its geographical position and mild warm climate. The majority of the transactions are made by the representatives of the countries of the Persian Gulf. Changes in the Law on Turkish Citizenship (according to which citizenship can now be obtained through purchase of real estate worth at least 250,000 dollars) attracted additional attention of investors to Turkey.

Over the past 10 years 8796 plots of land (land, vineyards, gardens, fields, etc.), and 102,745 homes were sold. 121,524 foreigners made purchases.

Representatives from different countries have their own preferences in what cities of Turkey to buy real estate. Last year, foreigners bought 6411 properties in Istanbul, 4971 in Antalya, 1344 in Bursa, 1287 in Aydin and 1031 in Yalova. Istanbul is prefered by Afghans, Iraqis and citizens of Saudi Arabia, Bursa is preferred by Kuwaitis, and Mugla and Aydin - by British. Antalya remains the favorite destination of the Russians.