7 Thousand People Went Paragliding in Babadağ

Paragliding had a big interest in the Ramadan holidays in a small town called Babadağ in Muğla- Fethiye.

As known for one of the best paragliding spots in Turkey, Muğla-Fethiye had a great interest in the holidays. Babadağ with a population of 1965 people, home many local and tourist who come for this extreme sport. After taking off from the runway it welcomes you with an amazing view of the coastal and natural scenery. This year had made hosts very happy knowing that many people had come for this activity. Studies have shown with the information gathered for all the hotels located in the area suggest that until this day, there have been 32.406 take-offs. Around the same time as last year, there have been 5.000 paragliding and 7.421 people gliding. Last year, 162.000 glidings were performed and for this year the studies suggest there will be more than 200.000.

This sport is performed in the summer as well as in the winter. Make sure to visit and try out this sport and enjoy the view with a taste of adrenalin.