Kestel is a coastal district of the popular holiday resort, Alanya. It is easy to reach with a distance of 140 kilometers to Antalya and 7 kilometers to Alanya. It is also 20 minutes to international Gazipasa Airport. Kestel has many beauties starting from the amazing Taurus Mountains and Mediterranean Sea, to wonderful beaches and peaceful and quiet environment. It is preferred by Turkish and foreign people both for holidays and settlement due to its countless beauties.

Kestel has two sides of vacation and life. You can choose to stay in a place up the mountains and enjoy the peace and quiet of Kestel. The mountain side has less entertainment facilities. Therefore, this includes the amazing view of Taurus Mountains and a quiet environment. On the other side of the district, you can enjoy the coast and beautiful natural beaches of Kestel. This part of the district is livelier, but still more peaceful than other crowded districts of Alanya. There are cafes, bars, restaurants and tours you can enjoy.

Kestel has many five-star hotels, bed and breakfasts and rental properties for your vacation. Most of the properties are high quality and comfortably designed for your holiday. If you consider settling in Kestel or buying a second home there, Kestel offers many properties. Most of the apartments are in well-maintained complexes and most of the villas are in sites. The properties are modernly decorated and comfortable. Additionally, they can be considered as good investments.

There are many activities you can consider in Kestel. It is very close to Alanya center, which gives you the opportunity to participate in activities there. Also, you can visit Dim Creek and swim there. For a cultural visit, you can go to Alanya Castle easily. Additionally, Kestel is 20 minutes from the famous Cleopatra Beach by car. You can drive there or use public transport to have a nice day at the famous beach.

Kestel is a peaceful district with a very close distance to all excursion activities and entertainment facilities. It is a district you can enjoy both with your family and friends. It has its beautiful nature and facilities to offer.