Amazon Turkey Was a Disappointment for Many Users on Its First Day

Amazon has entered Turkey’s market two days ago and got lots of complaints from the consumers on its first day. Complaints were generally about sellers not being able to use Amazon’s price system properly, canceled orders and instant price changes.

Since it was the first time Amazon entered Turkey’s e-market, there were a lot of special offers presented on that day. However, since some sellers were incapable of utilizing Amazon’s price system correctly, there was a huge mess in the platform. Though the biggest problem consumers faced on the first day was the instant price changes, there were several complaints about the canceled orders after the purchases had been completed.


Price changes were the common complaint amongst the thousands of orders processed on the first day and Amazon wasn’t able to take it under control in a short time. Aside from consumer’s fault, there were also systematic errors caused by Amazon’s algorithms which led to for example special discounted prices to go back to normal price when the payments were being processed.


When the USA’s e-marketing giant started operated in Turkey via, consumers were most interested in the discounts. The discounts were quite big because it was like the opening ceremony of Amazon Turkey.

Unfortunately, that happiness didn’t last long and was followed by thousands of complaints that came after ordering those products. The most often complaints that were expressed by the consumers who tried to buy the discounted products appeared on the social platforms such as: “My order has been canceled without any notice.”, “The product was different from what I had ordered.”, “After adding it to the card, the price increased.”.

One of the most important features of Amazon has always been said to be the “user’s comment” section, yet they failed to deliver on their “grand opening day” in Turkey. Turkey has become the 15th country that Amazon has set up a direct operation site. However, on their first day in Turkey the most common complaints they received via their own platform and other consumer websites can be listed as follows:

“Product image and the actual content are not identical. Also, there’s a pricing mistake.”
“I bought the product thinking that it was an HD satellite receiver yet then I was told that it was just an antenna. I had to cancel the order.”
“My order was canceled without any kind of notice.”