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“Antalya Tourism Expo” Is Coming Alive on 2020!

ANFAŞ General Director Hüseyin Özdamar said that “They started to work on ‘Antalya Tourism Expo’ which they expect to be Turkey’s biggest and in world’s top five when it’s finished in 2020. This grand project titled as “Antalya Tourism Expo” is planned to be finished and opened to public in April 2020.

Amongst ANFAŞ’s shareholders there are important organizations such as Antalya Governorate, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Antalya Comodity Exchange, Antalya Chambers of Industry and Commerce etc. ANFAŞ General Director Hüseyin Özdamar has attented to Alanya Touristic Business Society’s weekly meeting.


Özdamar has briefed everyone about the reconstruction process of ANFAŞ and its activities and he told that they gave the green light to ‘Antalya Tourism Expo’ project which they expect to be Turkey’s biggest and in world’s top five when it’s finished in 2020. He emphasized the importance of various tourism concepts being commercialized abroad and he added, “Our location is in close proximity to the both touristic facilities and Antalya Airport. We’ve the biggest undivided expo field in Turkey. Our advantage and local means are far more than other regions. We’ve several important contacts in the international field. We are expecting an unusually high number of countries.”.


ALTID President and TUROFED Management Board Member Burhan Sili emphasized how the expedition is a necessary enterprise for Antalya while saying “The congress and expo tourism hold a great deal of importance for the winter season. When Antalya’s tourism season extends and occupancy increases over time, Alanya will also benefit from it. We will provide the sufficient assistance when it’s required.”.