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Art Painted by Children With Illnesses

The network of USERN association held their 5'th annual sick children's art gallery in the government hospital in Oba.

The government hospital in Alanya / Oba near the metro shopping centre is known for being very big. The government had decided to hang the ill children's gallery here. The art painted by the children between the age of 4 and 17 with chronic diseases ( leukaemia, lymphoma, congenital heart disease and rheumatic diseases) were shown. The festival was to show awareness for all the illnesses. In the festival, there were several countries, including Turkey. At the finals amongst them were the paintings drawn by Turkish children. 21 countries lasted to the finals. Therefore all 44 pictures were displayed. According to the head member of the staff working in the hospital, all employees loved the fact that they had a chance to first blimps of these lovely paintings. Patients who had appointments in the hospital were greeted with colourful art on the walls. Lastly, he liked to add that all of the members were grateful and motivated due to the paintings. Because each painting represented not only the children but their families and the struggles they have had so far.

Anyone who is going to the hospital can check ut these paintings. Make sure to take a picture and please share it on social media for awareness to all children not only with diseases but in general.