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Beaches in Turkey

Turkey is popular holiday destination for people from all over the world. This beautiful country is situated on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. From three sides, it is surrounded by the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea. With more than 7,000 km long coastline, it is no wonder that Turkey provides approximately 450 beaches which are certified with Blue Flag.

The coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, where the Taurus Mountains meets the sea, has hundreds of coves and scenic bays. The Aegean Sea offers more flatter, sandy beaches and untouched beaches you may find on the shores of the Black Sea.

The Coast of the Mediterranean Sea

Among the best beaches that you can find in Turkey belong the beaches on the Mediterranean coast in Antalya region.

The most famous beaches in Antalya are Lara Beach and Konyaalti Beach. Lara Beach, certified with a Blue Flag, is a long beach with sand and small pebbles and belongs between one of the most visited beaches in Turkey with many cafes and restaurants, making is crowded till late hours. Konyaalti Beach, in comparison with Lara, has coarser sand and more pebbles. This Antalya beach is closer to the city and surrounded is by moutains from one side and aquapark from the other side.

One of the most recognized beaches in Turkey is Cleopatra Beach in Alanya. This Blue Flag certified beach in the city centre is popular for its golden sand and deep blue waters with waves, making it perfect for swimming and water sports. It is 2.5 km long and its name got after Queen Cleopatra who swam in here. On the backdrop, the visitors can enjoy picturesque Taurus Mountains and Alanya Castle.

Between Antalya and Alanya, you can find beautiful town Side with its ancient ruins and friendly atmosphere. Side has the second longest beach in Turkey, its coast has more than 6 km. West side of Side Beach is flatter, with wonderful golden sand and surrounded is by resort hotels.

Another popular resort on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea is Kemer. The central part of this town offers wonderful golden beaches, 4.2 km long, with the possibility of water sport activities. It is divided into two beach zones: on the west side of marina, you may find Moonlight Beach and on the east side, there is Kemer Urban Beach and beautiful beach areas belonging to hotels.

Beaches in Kemer are usually ideal for holidaymakers who love to swim and sunbath. The most beautiful beaches in this area include Phaselis Beach, Cirali Beach, Adrasan Beach and more. Phaselis Beach is located in an ancient city Phaselis with 3 natural harbours, isolated bays, incredible golden sand and astonishing nature. Cirali Beach is 3.5 km long beach with crystal clear waters, ideal for scuba diving. Adrasan Beach is situated in naturally protected area with coves, preferred by the owners of yachts and boats.

Kalkan Beach, white pebbled beach on the southwestern Mediterranean coast, is located close to the harbour and offers clear and calm water, preferred by many tourists for snorkelling and swimming. The most famous beaches in Kalkan area are Patara Beach with sandy shores and Kaputas Beach which is covered with white pebbles, formed by a gorge that extends into the sand. Patara Beach is a part of national park, rich in birdlife and important nestling place in Turkey for turtles - Caretta Caretta. Because of turtles, this beach is closed after sunset from May to October. Due to the restrictions, that have been made by government to keep this place natural, this unspoilt beach is not crowded. You will not find any development or water sport activities here. Patara Beach is the longest beach in Turkey with approximately 18 km long coastline.

There are twon main Marmaris beaches. Marmaris Urban Beach is the most popular one, colourful, lively beach in the central part of Marmaris with fine sand and clear waters. Long Beach stretches on 10 km long sandy coastline till Icmeler. Icmeler Beach in Marmaris region provides fine golden sand and calm natural surroundings. It is ideal for snorkelling and diving.

Iztuzu Beach is 4.5 km long golden beach in Dalyan on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most important beaches in Turkey and a part of protected nature reserve thanks to the turtles laying the eggs on this „Turtle Beach“. This place has an amazing natural landscape, long sandy beach that works as a barrier between the freshwater of the river in Dalyan and the astonishing beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to the lack of development, this untouched place has amazing peaceful atmosphere.

The Coast of the Aegean Sea

Bodrum is situated at the junction of two seas: the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Beaches in Bodrum have crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkelling, swimming, diving and other water sport activities. Many of them are managed by restaurants and beach bars, but visitors can also enjoy free public beaches. The most famous beaches in Bodrum are: Yahsi Beach for crystal clear waters, Gumbet Beach for shallow waters and fine sand, Fener Beach for water sports, Aspat Beach for untouched nature and more.

Yalikavak is one of the most popular Bodrum locations. It has a impressive beaches with small pebbles and deep blue waters. With its calm environment, it is a perfect place for picnics. You may find here many beach clubs and also a public beach.

There are many breathtaking Fethiye beaches. One of the finest beaches in Turkey and the most photographed one is Oludeniz, situated at the conjunction of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea.This wide bay is also known as “Blue Lagoon”, located inside protected natural park. The sand is quite gritty, but visitors can spend their time in azure shallow waters or hire a paddleboard and explore this unique place.

Izmir is situated in the southern par of Turkey on the coast of the Aegean Sea. The coastline is more than 620 km long and offers 50 beautiful beaches, certified with a Blue Flag.

Çeşme is one of the most popular holiday spots in Turkey, situated in Izmir region which provides many breathtaking Çeşme beaches. Ilica Beach is 2 km long beach with a fine white sand and turquoise waters. It is famous for thermal waters, some of them are directly in the sea, making it preferred by tourists who love natural beauty. Thanks to the wind conditions, this place is perfect for windsurfing. Diamond Beach, with glistening sand, waves and wind, is one of the best spots for surfing, as well as windsurfing and kite surfing. Altinkum Beach – “Golden Sand” has lower temperature than other Çeşme beaches due to the position that faces an open sea, cut-off from the northern wind. Mavi Koy is a stunning place with crystal clear waters, where you can see underwater life from the surface.

There are numerous Kusadasi beaches, such as Ladies Beach, Downtown Beach, Long Beach, Diamond Beach-Gold Beach, Silver Sand Beach, Paradise Beach, Love Beach and more. Ladies Beach is one of the most crowded beaches in Kusadasi, located in the central position, with clean, shallow waters and fine sand. Downtown Beach, situated near the town, provides breathtaking view over the Pigeon Island. Long Beach is 18 km long and you can find here also one of the three waterparks in Kusadasi.

The Coast of the Black Sea

The region of the Black Sea is not the most popular for holidaymakers that wish for sun and sand, but it provides wonderful natural surroundings with green forests and few charming beaches.

Istanbul is the biggest and the most famous city in Turkey, mainly for its beautiful history with many places for sightseeing, but being located on the peninsula, surrounded by the Black Sea, Marmara Sea and Bosporus Strait, it also offers many amazing beaches where people can enjoy hot summer days. The northern part of Istanbul has breathtaking nature with forests, small villages and beaches that are still hidden for tourists.

Sile is the northermost point of Istanbul on the coast of the Black Sea. There is an easy access from the highway to the white sandy beaches stretching to the north, while the east side of this small resort town offers several small beaches.

Trabzon beaches are not really popular among tourists. You may find 9 different Trabzon beaches that are ideal for swimming. Akçakale Beach, Çarşıbaşı Public Beach, Kaşüstü Family Beach, Mersin Beach, Kalecik Beach and Paşa Holiday Village are among the most visited ones in the Black Sea region of Trabzon.

Turkey is full of astonishing beaches with picturesque nature and it is your decision which one you will choose!