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Apartments in Belek

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Apartments in Belek

Belek is famous for its golf courts. You can buy an apartment in Belek for a family vacation, invest in real estate, or buy an apartment for rent. Many foreigners consider Turkey as a place of permanent residence. This could be for retirement or another way to start with a new life.

Real estate in Belek is suitable for a relaxing family vacation.

Apartments for sale in Belek

The positive aspects of a purchase of a real estate in the golf resort Belek:

  1. Infrastructure
    Belek has a developed infrastructure.
     Mediterranean climate. The mild climate of the Mediterranean Sea, hot and long summers, windy and rainy winters, almost 300 sunny days a year.
  2. Developed infrastructure. This place is suitable for those who want to live and relax away from large cities but in the vicinity of daily life like facilities like large shops, grocery, a school, a hospital, pharmacies, taxi ranks and buses.

  3. New buildings of Belek. They are characterized by compliance with European standards. New constructions are raised at a particular distance and area is not densely built, so you don't have to be afraid that the high-rise building in 1-2 years will block a beautiful view from the window. Every year, the price of residential real estate is growing by 10-15%, so buying an apartment for rent is a profitable investment - property rent is in demand all year round.

  4. Clean beaches. Sandy or pebbles. Water sport and extreme sports activities for the whole family - diving, hang gliding, banana water ride etc.

  5. Gentle descent to the sea. It is especially convenient for holidays with children.
  6. Aquapark. The Land of Legend - a stunning, modern aquapark with a vast amount of fountains, palm trees, show stadium etc. Combine entertainment with sightseeing. On the territory, there are about ten cafes, bars and restaurants.
  7. Ecology. Well-maintainer area, trimmed bushes, mowed lawns, blossoming flowers etc.
  8. Airport proximity. International Airport in Antalya is distanced merely 35 km from Belek. Vast airport transfers are available.
  9. The possibility of obtaining a residence permit. If you buy a property in Turkey, you can directly apply for a residence permit.
The advantages of buying an apartment in Belek are based on a combination of comfort, a favourable environment, and the benevolence of the local population for visitors.

Apartments in Belek. What apartments can be purchased

Real estate for sale in Belek resort can be purchased from ongoing or finished construction sites. The first option is more profitable in terms of financial aspects. The cost of a not-completed apartment in a building is 20-30% lower than in an already commissioned complex. In this case, you can profitably sell your property when the object is ready.

Apartments in Belek are divided into the following categories:

  1. Studio apartments with one -room from 40 square meters with open- kitchen plan and a separate bathroom.
  2. One-bedroom apartments with an open kitchen plan living room and a separate bathroom. These apartments consist of is 50-70 square meters.
  3. Two-apartments, same as in the option above, but with two bedrooms. About 60-100 square meters in area.
  4. Three-bedroom comfortable apartment, with two bathrooms and three bedrooms, that start from 100 square meters.

The housing market is divided into classes - economy, business and luxury, so you can choose an apartment within your budget. All apartments have balconies. Luxury apartments are built with roomy terraces, and jacuzzi in the bathroom. For customer request individual interiors arrangement and finish can be processed.

Housing in Belek
Fully furnished apartment in Belek with direct sea access.

All relaxation amenities in residential complexes are available free of charge. 

What can the apartment owner in Belek get:

  • Cleaning services
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Parking
  • Gym
  • CCTV
  • Tennis court
  • Sauna
  • Massage rooms

Additional amenities determine the cost of a housing, which starts from 40 thousand euros.

Overview of the city and the best areas of Belek

The resort is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in the district of Serik, between the cities of Side and Antalya. Belek is considered relatively young - it has existed for about 30 years. The distance to Istanbul is 700 km, Ankara is located a little closer - 500 km.

Belek on the map
Belek is located in southwestern Turkey, 700 km from Istanbul.

Rivers flow from both sides of Belek. In the west you can find Acisu river, where you can go rafting, and on the shore, you can do horseback riding.

In the east is Koprucay. Along its shores, 30 km from Belek, Koprulu Canyon National Park is located. Its territory is about 500 hectares, rare birds and animals live here, you can see alleys of pistachio, eucalyptus or cypress trees.

Horseback riding
Enjoy adventure horseback riding along the Belek coast.

The population of the city is about 7 thousand people. The beach season lasts from mid-April to the end of October. In summer, air temperature is high and humid. At night, you can go to the clubs. The largest is called Soho. Almost all the major buildings in the city are for commercial use; ground floors are occupied with pharmacies, bars, shops or cafes. There are two large supermarkets in Belek, so you don't have to go beyond Belek to do shopping.

Soho Beach Club is a great place for nightlife lovers.

In the main square in the centre of Belek are mosques, a clock tower and many small fountains. The local amphitheatre hosts show programs. Here you can buy gifts in souvenir shops.

Belek became famous as one of the most expensive Turkish resorts. This is due to the fact that the most extravagant and luxury 5-star premium hotels ranked the highest category are placed there.

All the 5-star hotels are located along the coastline - the price starts from 265 € per night.

The central part of Belek is built up only with low-rise buildings, so it is suitable for buying an apartment up to 60 square meters in area. In areas closer to golf courses, the price of real estate decreases. So this means the further from hotels, the cheaper it gets. For example, a three-room apartment in the city costs about 60 thousand, and near the beach - 90-110 thousand Euros.

Golf courses
World-class golf clubs are located in Belek.

Belek is a small town where mostly local people live. It is better to buy an apartment in a new building because there is little demand for objects from the secondary market. This is because most houses are old or do not have commissioning documents.

Apartments in Kadriye resort in Belek is suitable for eventful relaxation lovers. There are golf courses and most hotels with restaurants and cafes. Serik is a calmer district of Belek and has a lot of lush greenery, suitable for those who want to relax from the bustle of the city.

A cafe
Most tourists prefer to visit restaurants in their hotels.

In the Bogazkent district in Belek, there are comfortable housing complexes where you can buy 2-room apartments from 60 thousand euros. This option is suitable for families with children or elderly. The district is surrounded by eucalyptus grove and pine forest.  Also, it is the absence of nearby noisy bars and discos. The city centre is 10 minutes by car.

Belek is often called the "capital of golf in Turkey." The resort offers 12 working golf courses, and another eight are planned to be built in the near future. On average, golfers pay 45-120 € or 50-125 $ per day for playing golf.

Eucalyptus grove
Belek is surrounded by eucalyptus groves and green plains.

The city is administratively divided into five districts, each of which is located near the beach:

  1. Tasliburun is located in the eastern part of Kadriye.
  2. Agis is where hotels are located along the river of the same name.
  3. Ileribasi. Hotels on the first line of the coast.
  4. Uckumtepesi is located opposite the village of Kadriye.
  5. Iskele Mevkii district is in the south of the city.

The beach line stretched for 20 km. Cheaper accommodation can be found further from the hotels and golf courses area.

Belek Beach
Beach in Belek.

Beaches in Belek resort: 

  1. Bokazkent
  2. Kadriye
  3. Denizkent

In Belek, you can visit the Garden of Tolerance (Hosgoru bahcesi) or the Park of Religions. Nearby are a synagogue, mosque and Christian temple. Everyone is allowed to enter. 

Garden of Tolerance
The Garden of Tolerance symbolizes tolerance and the brotherhood of religions.

Tourists can go on an excursion to Perge and Aspendos and Kurşunlu Waterfall, around 30 km from Belek, with well- preserved antique amphitheatre and water sanctuary, which is a nice place to cool in hot summer days.

The average cost of apartments for sale in Belek

The average cost of 1 square m. starts from 1 thousand euro. The price depends on how far the apartment complex is from the sea, golf courses and the city itself. Studio apartments in Belek cost from 40-50 thousand euros, and are a practical type of properties for rent. Income from rent can bring from 3 to 15% of the net annual income.

In the very centre of the city, you can inexpensively find 2-room, 60-80 square meters apartments for 60-75 thousand euro. Apartments in complexes located near hotels and close the sea are much more expensive - from 110-130 thousand, for a comfortable apartment 120 square meters in area.

Some developers offer an instalment program, and Turkish banks offer loan mortgages. This is a good solution for those who want to purchase their favourite apartment, but do not have the entire amount of money.

Turkey House Construction&Real Estate has a wide variety of apartments and villas for sale. We assist our customers with all stages of the buying process. If you are interested in properties for sale in Belek - contact us, and we organize for you FREE inspection trip. We help with all necessary paperwork for a residence permit or citizenship, and have an individual approach to each customer, provides and select a property for every budget and taste.