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Campsite For Holidaymakers in North Aegean

The season is very busy in the Edremit village. Because the hotels are full, people are looking for alternative and economical ways to stay in the Aegean region. As a solution, people have been bringing their tents and started camping.

Even though the season started late in the Aegean region, accommodations are full making it very hard to find a place to stay. The coast is 145 km long and has a capacity of 30.000 people.

The hotels, motels and hostels are 90% full within the area. As a solution, instead of staying in a hotel which will generally cost over 100 TL per person, can stay in the camp area, which will cost 60 – 80 TL and surely find a place to stay.

For the people who want to stay in the campsite must bring their own tent. Another reason why people chose to go camping is because they are more in with nature. You can enjoy the natural smell and the sound of chirping birds around you.