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A Cleaner Alanya

Alanya's Cleaning Unit, an additional shift is added to the cleaning routine because of the increasing number of people in the city.

The Alanya Service Unit Cleaning teams are cleaning all the boulevards, avenues, pavements, parking and walkways both day and night. Large and small cleaning vehicles run from the night to sunrise in the centre. During the day they are cleaning the areas in Mahmutlar, Konaklı, Payallar and Türkler. On the other hand, the staff work in two shifts between 06:30 and 15:30 in the morning and between 16:00 and 24:00 in the evening for the effort to keep Alanya as clean as possible.

The Animals of Alanya Are Not Forgotten

Animal shelters, food containers and toilets outside and in the centre of Alanya are also regularly washed and general cleaning is done. Food and water are put in containers to prevent our friends from starving and getting thirsty. As the weather is getting warmer and as humidity increases, animal shelters and containers are being cleaned more frequently. Continuous checks are made for food and water needs.