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Eşme, The Beauty Between The Blue and The Green

One of Turkey's largest lake, Lake Sapanca, continues to be the focus of attention with its natural beauty.

Sapanca Lake, which is formed as a result of tectonic formations, attracts attention with its natural beauties and you can create great memories thanks to the picnic areas, playgrounds and beach created by Kartepe Municipality. Lake Sapanca was once a part of the Marmara sea, leaving the sea and becoming a freshwater lake by itself. The length of the lake is approximately 16 kilometres and its surface area is 42 kilometres. The deepest point is 61 meters, the average depth is around 30 meters. Today, in addition to tourist trips, surfing, sailing and rowing competitions are organized in Sapanca Lake, where people can engage in sports activities. If you have a fishing rod you can also catch fish in the season.

Lake Sapanca is located on the borders of Sakarya and Kocaeli provinces with its 39 kilometres of coastline. Besides being a source of drinking, Sapanca Lake is also a wetland for many migratory birds.