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Istanbul Airport wins coveted 'Airport of the Year' 

Istanbul Airport wins coveted 'Airport of the Year' for the second year in a row, something only achieved in the past by Singapore's Changi Airport. This award is extraordinary because it is voted for by more than four thousand readers and leading executives in the aviation industry.   

Leaders at Istanbul airport say that although they are a young airport in terms of the rest of the world, they rose to the challenges presented by Covid-19 in the past two years is a testament to their infrastructure and hard work. Istanbul Airport and its management are resilient in tough times and have continued to invest in new technologies and will continue to represent Turkey in a positive light. Everybody at the airport is delighted that aviation authorities deem them worthy of being given this award.  

Fun Facts  

  1. Istanbul Airport has an annual passenger capacity of 90 million and is the world's largest airport.   
  2. It serves more than 350 domestic and international destinations in 110 countries and has the largest duty-free area in the world.   
  3. The services and facilities provided at the airport are a one-of-a-kind experience, which is on top of being an environmentally friendly airport!  
  4. The total area of the airport is 76.5 million square metres  
  5. In the ' Future Projects-Infrastructure ' category for its striking design, the tulip-shaped control tower won first prize at the 2016 World Architectural Festival in Berlin.  
  6. The official opening date was 29th October 2018 to mark the 95th anniversary of Turkey becoming a republic.  
  7. We expect to see many more accolades being given to this wonderful airport, which is Turkey's pride.