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Izmir earthquake / Safest place to live in Turkey!

As heard on the news on the 30 October, one of Turkey's biggest city had an awful earthquake. It was only felt in the coastal areas on the Aegean sea and slightly in Greece. Soon after the earth shook, a handful of apartments were demolished and many damaged. Government officials acted quickly and gathered all the police, firefighters to give aid to all the people who were stuck under the rubble. Also, other big cities such as Elazig and Ordu rushed to help the people of Izmir by sending trucks with goods and mobile cooking stations to give out food. Although everyone's efforts, 114 people had died due to construction companies in Izmir not following the regulations made after the previous earthquake in 1999.

There were survivors like Ayda Gezgin, Elif Perinçek and others who were under the rubble for more than 65 hours! Thankfully, there were more survivors than dead people in this horrible incident.

Its been a few days now since it was announced that the wrecked buildings were thoroughly searched and damaged buildings demolished for health and safety. Soon after, the government demanded a team to check and report all possible danger hazards. On the other hand, a team of seismology experts made a report on which areas of Turkey were the safest to live in. Results show the Mediterranean and black sea being the safest areas to live in. But, because of landslides and amount of rain, Alanya was picked as one of the best places to live in.