Mango Harvesting in Alanya

Farmers who planted mango orchards in their greenhouse have started harvesting the second time since last year.

A citizen has decided to become an owner of a greenhouse. News reporters have been to see her, and she said that this project was her deceased husband's dream. She and her business partner, together with their families, made this dream come true, and the beautiful mango orchard is a tribute to her husband. During 3 years, they have planted 84 mango trees, the first harvest was last year when they gathered 2350 mangos. This year they estimate to gather no less than 5 thousand. These mangos are sold locally to hotels and markets. The businessmen feel confident that they will be successful. The prices for each mango is being sold for 35 TL and in the future as the number of mango trees increase they estimate the price will significantly drop.

Try one and see if there is a difference between the ones in Europe. Maybe they will taste better, who knows? Let you be the judge of that.