Many Tourists in Istanbul

The reports had been announced by the Governor of Istanbul. Reports suggest, in the past 5 months, the number of visitors visiting Istanbul had reached 5.5 million. Over one year, the number of visitors in İstanbul had increased %11 and ministers are suggesting Istanbul will have over 15 million visitors this year.

Ali Yerlikaya, known as the Governor of İstanbul said on the news that ‘’within these 5 months, we have had 5.5 million guests, and the numbers have gone up to %11. Most of our visitors are from Germany, Iran and Russia. We have a population of 15 million people, we are hoping to see the same number of people visiting our city’’.

Istanbul is known for being the third in Europe and tenth in the World for having the most foreign visitors. At least 42 out of 100 people visit Istanbul. Even though Istanbul is a city full of history and the biggest city in Turkey, the minister of tourism is trying to improve Istanbul’s quality and comfort each day.