New Tropical Fruits are Grown in Alanya

Even though we had written a piece of news regarding that mangos were grown in Alanya / Gazipaşa, we have news for you regarding that there are now 24 new tropical fruits grown in Alanya and they will be ready for the markets in a few years!

Farmers are aware that the Alanya's climate has similar characteristics to the weather in tropical areas. Also, tropical fruit trees are known for their adaptive ability. Tropical fruits are more expensive in Turkey because they are not sold often, making them more valuable in the market. That is why some farmers in Alanya have decided to try and grow these fruits to sell in the market. If you haven't been here before, Alanya is famous for its Avocados and Bananas.

The avocados are used in salads, sandwiches, mashed to puree and served as starters and ate as they are after pealing them with lemon, salt and olive oil.

With just a few years farmers had started growing mangos and papayas, now they have started growing cherimoyas, carambolas, dragon fruit, custard apples, longon, mangis, salak pondohs and more. In total, they have started growing 24 different fruits. We should be able to see these fruits in the markets in three to five years.