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No More Fireworks

The hunter's foundation in Alanya / Turkey has gathered a meeting to discuss the harm caused by fireworks. Alanya is known for having many colourfull fireworks for many occasions. All you had to do was buy them and hire a man to lit it because there are no troubles in getting permission from the government.

After the meeting it has been decided to stop most of the fireworks, only little birthday fireworks are allowed. Even though they look beautiful, the fireworks cause significant problems for the planet's ecosystem. One of the chairmen of the hunter's and animal rights association told reporters that 357 species of birds either live or migrate through Alanya and all of them are scared away and cause a threat. We are trying the increase the living standards for both humans and our animal friends. From now, the law has changed. We expect everyone to obey the rules.

Lastly, the governers added that the new law will be executed starting from today, and people who do not go by the rules shall be punished dearly.