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Okurcalar is a district at the coast of Mediterranean Sea, between Antalya and Mersin, two beautiful holiday cities of Turkey. It is 103 kilometers from Antalya and has a beautiful nature and amazing beaches. It is also 98 kilometers to international Antalya Airport. Okurcalar has many beauties starting from the amazing Mediterranean Sea, to wonderful beaches and five-star hotels. It has a moderate popularity due to its distance from the center, being not very crowded.

Okurcalar has many features that will make your experience a great one. You can enjoy the coast and beautiful natural beaches of Okurcalar. There are cafes, bars, restaurants and tours you can enjoy, including the aquapark of Water Planet Hotel. It also has other hotels with private beach areas and high-quality services. You can enjoy the beauty of Mediterranean Sea in a safe and clean environment with nice local people around. The weather is generally hot and sunny in Okurcalar. Holiday season lasts up to 9 months. This gives you the opportunity of more sunny beach days. Additionally, winters are not very cold, but there are lots of rainy days.

There are many activities you can consider in Okurcalar. It is not very close to Alanya center, but it has its own natural beauties and excursion activities. Also, there are pharmacies, a primary school, a secondary school, bakeries, shops, markets, cafes, restaurants and bars. It mainly has five-star hotels you can stay and enjoy. Also, it offers aquaparks and pools with dolphins for tourists. There are many alternatives you can enjoy in Okurcalar.

Okurcalar is a peaceful district with its own excursion activities and entertainment facilities. It is a district you can enjoy both with your family and friends. It has its beautiful nature and facilities to offer.