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Opening of the Alanya- Cyprus route on 2nd of June

The ferry between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Alanya is scheduled to start on Sunday (2nd of June). The Alanya-Cyprus route is expected to take place on Fridays and Mondays, and the Cyprus-Alanya route on Thursdays and Sundays.

This ferry has a big role in tourism and transportation between Alanya and Cyprus. In the past those who lived next to the Mediterranean sea used to come and go to Cyprus with the ferry from Mersin or fly from Antalya airport. To drive or take the bus to Mersin is 348 km from Alanya, add to that, the boat journey to Cyprus which takes another two and a half hours makes a total 9 hours travelling. To drive to Antalya is 133km, approximately 2 hours, depending on your mode of transport , then the one hour wait for your flight and then the flight time of 30 minutes .

With the ferry from Alanya it only takes three hours and twenty minutes and only one mode of transport.