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Property Tax - Are you exempt?

What is property tax and why are some citizens exempt from it?

Every citizen who owns real estate within the borders of Turkey is required to pay property tax however there is a minority group who don’t need to. So who are they and how can you find out if you need to pay tax too? If you meet certain criteria from the list below you may also be exempt from paying property tax. 

Firstly pensioners, those who certify that they have no income, widows, orphans, people who have a death and disability pension, housewives, veterans, widows and orphans of martyrs and disabled citizens are exempt from property tax if they fulfil the necessary conditions.

What is property tax? 

Everyone who owns real estate within the borders of Turkey makes real estate tax payments in two instalments. The first in May and the second in November every year. These real estate taxes paid for the building, land and land are collected by the municipalities. 

However, this is exempted for some people if they meet certain conditions. In other words, the tax rates for these people are determined by the Council of Ministers as zero or at a discount. 

What are the Property Tax Exemption Conditions? 

So, what are the property tax exemption conditions? The reduced real estate tax rate of zero percent is used by people who have only one residence within the borders of Turkey, whose gross area does not exceed 200 square meters. Accordingly, if the persons included in this scope have more than one residence, it is not possible to benefit from the reduced tax rate of zero percent. In this case, they have to pay property tax for all real estate they own. 

What are the Property Tax Exemption Documents for the Disabled? 

For disability property tax exemption, the disabled identity card must be presented to the relevant official in the municipality and photocopies must be attached to the form given there. Those who do not have a disabled identity card must submit the original or approved copy of the health board report obtained from a full-fledged state hospital to the relevant official in the municipality and attach the photocopy to the form. 

What are the Property Tax Exemption Conditions for Persons with No Income? 

Persons who have no income must have no income such as wages, commercial, industrial, professional activity income, agricultural activity income and real estate income for real estate tax exemption. 

What are the Property Tax Exemption Conditions and Necessary Documents for Housewives? 

For housewives who have no income, the fact that their spouse and children have income or residence does not prevent the application of reduced tax. For this reason, in the presence of other conditions, housewives can benefit from the reduced building tax rate of zero percent. For housewife real estate tax exemption, a document stating that there is no tax liability and a document from the General Directorate of the Pension Fund and a further document from the Social Insurance Institution showing that there is no active insurance are required.

If you meet one of these criteria you may also be exempt from paying property taxes too.