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Sena Nur Çelik Introduces Alanya Abroad

Sena Nur Çelik, the spokesman of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission, is promoting Alanya to the world.

Sena Nur Çelik, a member of AK party parliament, representative and one of the youngest politicians in Turkey is advertising Alanya abroad as the foreign commission spokesperson in other world countries.

‘’Make Alanya One of Your Holiday Destinations’’

Due to her job, deputy Çelik gave brochures and information regarding the history of Alanya and its contents to senior managers and also the bureaucracy of every country she is visiting. She suggested to all of them that all of them should visit Alanya at least one time in their lifetime. Sena Nur Çelik, who worked as the ambassador of Alanya tourism during her four years as a deputy and who made a significant contribution to tourism, wins the appreciation of the tourism community.