Winter sports two hours away from sunny Antalya

Ski season in Turkey is in full swing! One of the ski resorts, Davraz, is located very close to the sunny Mediterranean coast. Ski center was opened in 2006 in 160 km from Antalya and 25 km from Isparta. Several ski lifts operate at the center. It is possible to hire ski equipment and special clothing here. Services of the professional instructors are available for the beginners.

There are overall 9 ski tracks located at an altitude of 1650 - 2500 meters at the resort. They perfectly suit for both beginners and professionals. Most of the tracks (4 km) are of medium complexity. There are also two black tracks with total length of 3.7 km.

Those who do not want or who are tired of skying and snowboarding can take a walk through the Forest Park and enjoy the magnificent views, or they can bask in the cozy restaurant with a cup of hot coffee. There are three picturesque lakes nearby. There are also bars, nightclubs, gyms and more in the hotels of Davraz.

The season lasts from December to March. The thickness of the snow can reach up to two meters.