Teacher Decides to Quit School to Live The Urban Life

A man who lived in Istanbul working as a teacher had enough of the heavy traffic and stress, so quit his job and moved to Duzce to the south side of the black sea region to live his dream as a free man in nature.

Durkal who is 30 years old is also known as "the mountain chef". He is originally from Duzce and he studied automotive engineering in the Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University. Six years after he had moved to another city, he started posting numerous pictures on social media. To live, he earns his income through organising daily tours and camp trips.

He suggested that all people should consider camping from time to time. It is good for your health mentaly and physically. Just by spending one day in nature it will help you to get to know yourself. Lastly, he said "for those you consider going camping should respect the environment and keep it clean''.