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The Book Fair in Antalya

The Antalya province is hosting their 10 years in the book fair. The book fair will be at the glass pyramid looking building in 11.10.2019 at 14.00 o'clock tomorrow. The mayor of Antalya province, Muhittin Bocek, will be at the opening of the fair. He has invited everyone to the fair by advertising it on the news and sending messages to the local people who are living in the area. He stated that there will be 150 publishing houses and 205 famous writers at the fair. He also added that people need to read more because Turkish people are not reading enough and told us his slogan, which was" read together".

The fair will be held for 10 days at the same place, so you will have lots of time to visit the fair. Statistics which were gathered show that last year there were 286 thousand people who had visited the fair last year. It is believed the people who are running the fair that there will be more people this year.

For students, the transfers are free, but adults must pay the bus fee if they wish to visit. Here are a few busses that will take you to the fair: 600, AC03, VF01, LF09, UC32, KC34, KC35, TK36 TCP45, CV48 and more. If you are having trouble understanding what these codes are, they are bus routes. You can find them in big letters, so you won't have any problems findings the busses. But we advise you also to ask the locals for guidance.

We, as the Summer Home Real Estate Office, wish you a lovely time at the fair.