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The Pink Salt Lake

Located between the free big cities (Ankara- Konya- Aksaray), the colour of the salt lake has changed for some reason.

The salt lake is located near the centre of Turkey. The lake provides most of the countries salt supply, therefore making it one of the country’s treasures. In the summer and spring, many many birds shelter here during migration. The most commun breed pf birds that shelter here is flamingos, that is why the lake was given the name ‘’flamingo heaven’’.

Tourist and locals who enter on the south side of the lake can enter the water and walk barefoot due to the water being very shallow. Let us come back to our question. Why has the salt lake become red-ish?

The algae within the water gets warmer and the salt increases due to the heat. The reason why the colour of the lake changes is because of a mineral called the Beta-carotene. There is also a bacteria called halo, which also gives the lake its colour. As the weather gets colder and when it starts to rain, the lake changes back to its original colour.