Today's Krasnodar Meeting

One of the two groups of summer home representers has arrived at Krasnodar at the Hilton Garden Inn. Early in the morning, preparations were made, and all that was left to do was waiting for the people to arrive.

Many people were greeted and seated in the meeting room at 13.00 o'clock for the general meeting. The seminar started with the introduction of the company, continued with information of Turkey and the head office of Summer Home, Alanya and ending with details of our own construction projects. After the seminar, food and drinks were offered to the guests and questions were answered by the Summer Home Real Estate team.

We would gladly give you all the information you would like to know. There will be another meeting September 6 at 13.00. So for the people who couldn't attend can visit tomorrow to the last meeting.

You can leave a request and ask questions with this phone number +90-538-888-16-16 – Whatsapp/Viber/Telegram.