Tourists Visited Kral Koyu (King's Bay)

Domestic and foreign tourists visiting the Antique City of Antiocheia Ad Cragum in Gazipaşa, enjoying the history and entering the sea at Kral Bay which has a unique view and rejuvenate.

Antiocheia Ad Cragum Antique City and Kral Bay, which is located in the South district of Nohut yeri, which is about 21 kilometres from Gazipaşa, is one of the most frequently visited spots of domestic and foreign tourists. With the help of their guide, all the tourist will enlightened and get information about the history of the area. The tour to the ancient city ended with the visit to the medieval castle, Agora, Colonnaded Street, The Church, The Bath, The Monumental gate, The Temple, The Monumental tombs of the Necropolis and in the ancient city of Triconhos, which was also inhabited in the Roman and Byzantine periods.

As they were climbing down towards the shores of Kral Bay, the tourists were impressed with the view and the colour of the sea. After a long expedition, tourists were refreshed after entering the cool water.