Trekking to the Ancient City

On Sunday, January 22, a trekking tour to the ancient Syedra city will take place in Alanya. The lenght of the route is 10,5 km. Any resident or guest of Alanya can join the tour. Participants will meet at 9 a.m. by the Hacet Hanci Pastanesi.

Syedra is an ancient city located on the hillside just 35 km away from Alanya. The city offers stunning views of the Mediterranean coast. The ruins of the city belong to the III. BC. Pompeius stayed in the city after the war in 48 BC. In the times of Roman Empire the city had its own coins. Currently, three ancient ponds, a two-storey building with a partially preserved mosaics, multiple columns and a part of the urban acropolis remained in Syedra.