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Turkey plants trees to help save the planet

This year has been particularly hot and as a result Turkey has suffered some devastating fires which have decimated huge swathes of not only farmland but our precious forests. Since 2003 the country has managed to bring the number of saplings planted to 5.3 billion with the aim of reaching 7 billion by 2023 in time to celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Turkey.

This program is crucial in helping to keep Turkey green as the world faces huge climate issues. The Directorate-General of Forests Mr. Ibrahim Yüzer explained that 5.5 million hectares of planted saplings were aided by local people living in villages and about 40,000 directorate workers. 

At the moment forests cover 29% of the total area but ideally this number should be increased to 30% as this is the world average of forest sizes. Trees are critical to the prevention of soil erosion which Turkey has been battling against since the 1970s.

The Directorate-General wants to assure people that any burned forests of which we have had a few lately, are never allowed to be appropriated for anything other than reforestation efforts. He stated that last year over 90% of burned areas were replanted with trees.