Turkish Stars Meet in Alanya

Famous names like Bülent Ersoy, Ajda Pekkan, Yalın and Pascal Nouma will take place at the Tourism and Art Festival in Alanya.

This year Alanya municipalitiy is proudly to present its 19’th year celebrating its tourism and art festival. The festival, which will start on 15 June with the representation of nomadic migration and parade, will be held under the sponsorship of several Turkish medias. Sema Eryiğit Emek, presenter of Radio D's 'Yellow Sugar' will host the Festival.

A night to remember

The festival will start on 15 June with nomadic migration and parade. Then, the Ottoman Fashion Show will be organized by Antalya expertise Institute. In the evening, the concert will start with DJ Burak YETER and after Bülent ERSOY, nicknamed ‘’ the diva’’ will take stage. On the second day of the festival, former football player Pascal NOUMA will be on stage as a DJ. On the last day of the festival, the concert, will start with DJ Haluk SARITAŞ and end with another famous Turkish singer, Ajda PEKKAN.