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Watch Out For The Athletes on The Street

Alanya is organising their 29’th annual triathlon and para-triathlon. The organisation will take place today and tomorrow (5’th and 6’th of October) on the coast from Tosmur to the centrum and harbour. There will be 1000 participants from 50 different countries all aiming the same goal. Without a doubt, this weekend will be fascinating for both athletes and spectators. There will be three different cups which are; the Paratriathlon World, Sprint European and Junior European Cups.

For whom do not know what a triathlon and para-triathlon are, it’s an extreme sports event which involves swimming in the sea, cycling and running through the city. The difference between a para-triathlon is more unique because the athletes are physically disabled. Like the triathlon, they have to go through similar conditions such as swimming, cycling and running. They are categorised as PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4 and PT5. These categories are based on certain disabilities.

So for today and Sunday, the roads on the coast will be closed. If you want to go to the centrum or to a place near the beach, you might need to walk. Make sure to visit the town if you have spare time and support the athletes as they are passing by, we are sure they will appreciate it!