Luxury Villas For Sale in Turkey

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Amazing Detached Villas with Panoramic Sea View in Bodrum
ID: 7071
800 m
51 km
Hyper Large Villas Just in Front of the Seaside in Istanbul
ID: 5311
200 m
45 km
Amazing Villa with Beautiful Views and Perfect Location in Alanya
ID: 1278
1,5 km
25 km
Five-bedroom private villa with a modern twist in Yalikavak, Bodrum
ID: 7089
400 m
58 km
Luxurious sea view villas that offer an exclusive life in Bodrum
ID: 7086
50 m
48 km
Luxurious Villas with Stunning Sea View in Bodrum
ID: 7072
800 m
49 km
Five-bedroom ultra-luxurious private villa in Kargicak
ID: 1539
2 km
140/30 km
Ultra-Luxurious Villas for sale in Prestigious Area
ID: 1613
1,2 km
125/30 km
Unique Villas for sale in Kargicak
ID: 1479
4 km
140/30 km
Triplex Luxury Villa with Astonishing Sea View at the Beachside of Istanbul
ID: 5306
500 m
17 km
Modern Villas for Sale in Kargicak, Alanya
ID: 1399
1.5 km
140/30 km
New Villas With Panoramic View For Sale in Kargicak, Alanya
ID: 1380
600 m
25 km

Luxury Villas in Turkey

You can find luxury villas, almost anywhere in Turkey. Generally, most of the luxury villas are prefered and located in hot regions.


  • If you are crowded family; renting a villa may be cheaper than staying at the hotel and booking more than one room.
  • You would have a private area for yourselves.
  • There would be a small garden for the small children to play in.
  • Some villas have a pool.
  • Comfortable living space.


  • If you are living in the outskirts of a city and you don't want to eat outside, you might have to cook.
  • There won't be a cleaner visiting every day.

In general, the advantages are more than the disadvantages. There are luxury villas that have different features. Some have their own pool, a caretaker, while others might not. Some villas are single floored and are multi-floor. Besides the features, the location of the villa is important. There are a lot of regions to choose from when looking for a property.


Antalya is located south of Turkey. It is one of the most preferred cities for a holiday by tourists because of the long hot summers. In addition to the weather, Antalya has many historical sites worth seeing, and activities you can do during your holiday.


Belek is connected to the province of Antalya. The distance from the Antalya city centre is 40 kilometres. Although it is not as large as Antalya, Belek is at least as popular as Antalya. Houses in Belek are mostly within the centre of Side because the seaside is taken over by all the big hotels. Villas are generally within the city, and are built within complexes. That is why there are handymen and security workers near the properties.


Bodrum, unlike the two areas mentioned above, is located within the Aegean region, which is similar to the Medeterenean weather. There are many luxurious villas in Bodrum and the same as Belek; they are built in the centre. There are historical places around Bodrum, and there is a lively nightlife. Maybe this is why most famous prefer living in Bodrum.

We said that the villas include different features. Also, we noted that there are number of regions that you will have luxury villas. After giving you this information, the only question is what type of villa you are looking for and in which location? In order to answer these questions, we recommend that you seek support from our company. We have provided service in Bodrum for many years. You can get help from Summer Home Real Estate Company in 16 different languages. Here are some of the services we provide;

  • Choosing the right property.
  • Agreeing on the right price.
  • Support for purchase or lease for the agreed property.
  • Any other general information.