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Amazing Detached Villas with Panoramic Sea View in Bodrum
ID: 7071
800 m
51 km
Hyper Large Villas Just in Front of the Seaside in Istanbul
ID: 5311
200 m
45 km
Amazing Villa with Beautiful Views and Perfect Location in Alanya
ID: 1278
1,5 km
25 km
Five-bedroom private villa with a modern twist in Yalikavak, Bodrum
ID: 7089
400 m
58 km
Luxurious sea view villas that offer an exclusive life in Bodrum
ID: 7086
50 m
48 km
Luxurious Villas with Stunning Sea View in Bodrum
ID: 7072
800 m
49 km
Five-bedroom ultra-luxurious private villa in Kargicak
ID: 1539
2 km
140/30 km
Ultra-Luxurious Villas for sale in Prestigious Area
ID: 1613
1,2 km
125/30 km
Unique Villas for sale in Kargicak
ID: 1479
4 km
140/30 km
Triplex Luxury Villa with Astonishing Sea View at the Beachside of Istanbul
ID: 5306
500 m
17 km
Modern Villas for Sale in Kargicak, Alanya
ID: 1399
1.5 km
140/30 km
New Villas With Panoramic View For Sale in Kargicak, Alanya
ID: 1380
600 m
25 km

Turkey is a country with a warm climate, good infrastructure, delicious cuisine and well-maintained beaches. Every year, during the tourist season, foreigners come here from all over the world. People who often visit the country are interested in real estate in Turkey, especially by the sea, inexpensive and within a set budget.

A villa in Turkey is a good investment.

What are The Benefits of Buying a Property by the sea

Turkey enclosed by the Mediterranean, Black, Aegean and Sea of ​​Marmara, the total length of the coastline is 8000 km. The country has beaches awarded International Blue Flags for the purity of coastal water.

The main reasons for acquiring housing by the sea:

  • Clean air, comfortable temperate Mediterranean, and in some places - subtropical climate.
  • Favourable weather conditions - in summer, the air temperature reaches +26 to + 30 ° C, and in winter in the southern regions, it does not fall below +9 to + 11 ° C, snow rarely falls.
  • Well-developed transport network and infrastructure: kindergartens, schools, hospitals, pharmacies, entertainment centres, cafes and restaurants for every taste, shops, etc.
  • The possibility of obtaining a residence permit when buying any real estate and citizenship, if you purchase a property for 250 thousand dollars or more.

The cost of 1 m² in the primary housing market varies between 600-2500 euros. Every year, prices rise by 15%, which allows the owner to resell the apartment or house profitably.

Visitors and the local population lease real estate- this is a good option for earning an extra income, bringing up to 7% of profit per year.

Students often rent housing. People come to large cities and resort centres located on the sea not only to relax but also to study - such higher educational institutions as the Istanbul Bosphorus University, located in Ankara Bilkent, etc. are high in demand.


What Real Estate Can I buy in Turkey on The Coast

On the Turkish coast you can purchase:

  • Resale housing;
  • Apartment of any layout - from a studio to 4 + 1, as well as a penthouse (apartments on the upper floors) or a duplex.
  • A cottage or villa from the developer, located in a new area.
  • Land
  • Office or storage facilities.

Currently, villas and new elite residential complexes are under construction on the entire coast of Turkey. Apartments in such residential complexes differ in size and layout: the number of bedrooms, the presence of additional rooms, separate bathrooms, open or closed kitchens, dining rooms, balconies, terraces.

Depending on the number of rooms, windows can be on 1, 2 or 3 sides of the building. Generally, apartment buildings, villas, cottages have an outdoor pool, parks and nicely laid out gardens.

Active development on the entire coastline of residential properties is sold both to the local population and to foreigners. But, according to the decree of the Turkish government, for state security, real estate in some border areas near the Black Sea is forbidden to be sold to foreign citizens. The rule applies to Trabzon, Samsun, Ordu and other regions.

partments on the coast

What Determines The Price?

The following factors affect the value of a property:

  • Distance from the sea.
  • Infrastructure - the availability of nearby schools, hospitals, shops, restaurants, cinemas, swimming pools, fitness centres, etc.
  • Transportation connection.
  • The square footage of the house or apartment, the number of rooms, bathrooms, the presence of a veranda and other amenities.

The price of a residential property depends on its location. For example, in Istanbul, especially in the centre, the value of real estate exceeds those in Antalya or Alanya - this applies to houses and apartments.

In large cities, two or three-storey villas start at 400,000 raising to 1000000 euros. Cottages are cheaper as they are located near the mountains and the seashore, equipped with outdoor pools, properties cost 250,000-300,000 euros. Apartments are in high demand. They are rented and sold with furniture and air conditioning.

Apartments in residential buildings located near beaches are priced between 36,000 and 80,000 euros. The average cost of studios with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room combined in one zone starts from 29,000 euros.

Two-level duplexes of 2 + 1 layout cost an average of 100,000 euros. The highest rates are for properties located near the Aegean Sea and Cyprus.

We, the staff of SummerHome company, will help you purchase real estate on the Turkish coast, provide a choice of apartments in houses with an improved layout, 1, 2, 3 or 4 rooms, as well as cottages and villas at affordable prices.

Duplexes near the beaches in Turkey

Popular Coastal Cities

Istanbul is a metropolis with a population of 15 million people. Well-developed infrastructure makes the city attractive to tourists and people buying real estate.

The housing market is represented by a variety of properties - from apartments in multi-storey residential complexes to cottages. The average cost of a home in the city centre is 100,000 euros.

Map of Turkey

Antalya, the Centre of the Turkish Riviera, has several areas, Lara is the most popular and quiet of them all, with a large number of foreign-speaking population. There are schools, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, etc.

There are many clean pebble beaches in Konyaalti, with hotels occupying the coastline. Residential buildings cover 1.5 km of the coastline. The cost of apartments in Antalya ranges from 40,000 to 100,000 euros, villas - from 400,000 to 700,000 euros.

Real estate in the popular area of ​​Lara

Belek is 25 km from Antalya. The city has beautiful eucalyptus and pine forests. Nearby attractions include the ruins of Perge, the ancient amphitheatre, etc.

Golf clubs are open in the city. This area has a clean ecology and pristine nature. On the seashore are built luxury villas and cottages, sold for 150,000- 650,000 euros. The minimum cost of apartments here is 125,000 euros.

Kemer is famous for its rich nature - mountain landscapes and coniferous forests. Located here are luxury villas and apartment buildings. In winter, life at the resort is quiet. More often, people buy real estate in the city centre. The average cost of apartments - 70,000 euros, villas - 350,000 euros.

Located 135 km from Antalya, Alanya is a famous tourist resort with sandy beaches. This city has everything you need for relaxation and entertainment. In essence, there is an amusement park, gardens, an aqua park, boat trips on yachts and excursions to historical places organized for everyone. The average cost of premium apartments near the beaches is 75,000 euros, villas - 500,000 euros.

Luna Park in Alanya will appeal to your children.

The prestigious and expensive resort of Bodrum is on the Mediterranean coast. Wealthy people live here not only in housing but also on yachts. Authentic white stone houses are popular properties for sale on the Bodrum real estate market.

Buildings painted in this colour is on the initiative of residents, who believe that this gives the city a noble appearance and helps repel insects. At the same time, windows, doors and decor are painted in a contrasting blue colour - this colour corresponds with local traditions and sets Bodrum apart from other cities.

The cost of villas in Bodrum is from 400,000 to 1-2 million euros, apartments - from 78,000 to 265,000 euros.

The Marmaris Sailing Center, located in a luxurious bay between the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, is chosen by active recreation lovers. The city has many entertainment centres and nightclubs.

If you like yachting, buy an apartment in Marmaris.

In Cyprus, residential properties are for sale in Kyrenia, Famagusta, Esentepe. There are luxury villas and cottages with panoramic sea views. For housing, you will have to pay from 80,000 to 500,000 euros and above.

Our company "SummerHome" organizes free study tours for its customers. Having visited several properties, estimated their location and infrastructure, you will surely be able to choose a home that suits your needs and financial preferences. We accompany our customers at all stages of the transaction.


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