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Investing in real estate in the suburbs of Alanya has every year become an increasingly profitable investment. The real estate market dynamics shows that in the near future it will be more difficult to buy an apartment in Tosmur (Turkey) than to sell it. The high liquidity of housing is due to the ever-increasing demand among foreigners for the acquisition of property in this area.

Tosmur is a new quiet area of ​​Alanya, located in the eastern part of the city.

The Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Tosmur

The number of Europeans who became homeowners in Tosmur increased by more than 50% compared to 2018. Citizens of Denmark, Germany, Austria, Great Britain and other European countries, citizens of Russia and the CIS countries live here, conduct their business and relax.

The district, with a population about 10,000 people, is growing and being actively built.

Attractive life in Tosmur is based on many factors, such as:

  • Тосмур расположен на побережье моря.
    lower cost of secondary housing compared to other resort areas of Turkey (apartments in Tosmur are 20-25% cheaper than similar ones on the Mediterranean Coast in Alanya);
  • environmental cleanliness due to the lack of industrial enterprises;
  • location on the Mediterranean Coast, surrounded by a mountain range;
  • full-flowing river, rich in fish, is the only source of fresh water in the entire territory of Alanya;
  • equipped artesian well from which water is supplied to the apartments (most residents do not use cleaning filters);
  • availability of basic facilities: hospital with polyclinic (equipped with modern facilities), several pharmacies, post office, kindergarten, lyceum and primary school, retail chains and private shops, hypermarket Metro, etc.;
  • comfortable living conditions (apartments in new buildings are sold fully finished, equipped bathrooms, double glazed windows, with connected cable and satellite TV systems and Wi-Fi);
  • developed agriculture;
  • low food prices and reasonable prices for utilities (from € 30 per month for water, electricity, maintenance, safety and use of additional services - parking, swimming pool, etc.);
  • high level of security;
  • proximity to the capital of this region (5 km, 10-15 minutes to the center of Alanya by bus);
  • well-functioning public transport system;
  • a small distance from the airports (Gazipasha Airport - 35 km, Antalya International Airport - 135 km).

Homeowners in Tosmur, as well as throughout the country, can automatically receive a residence permit in Turkey. All nationalities who are able to buy property may apply for Turkish citizenship. However, some countries do not allow to have dual citizenship or have some other restrictions.

One of the guarantees of obtaining a Turkish citizenship is the purchase of property in a value of least $250,000 (until 2018, an amount invested funds should have been at least $1,000,000).

Tosmur is attractive especially for those who want to buy a property with a subsequent lease. Already in the first year, the owner's income will be from 5 to 10% of the value of the apartment. Housing prices in Tosmur are constantly rising, so the landlord's profit will increase all the time. In a few years, the property can be sold at a profit, not only by compensating all the costs of its purchase and maintenance, but also by receiving dividends (at least 20% compared to those spent).

What Real Estate Can Be Purchased

Potential buyers are offered apartments of various categories: from compact studios and small flats with 2 rooms, a combined kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony with an area of ​​60 - 65 m2 to duplex apartments with 3-5 bedrooms, living room, several toilets and bathrooms up to 250 m2 and spacious penthouses.

In Tosmur, you can buy an apartment with a spacious living area.

In Tosmur, you can buy an apartment with a high level of comfort in buildings with a well-developed infrastructure that meets the requirements of the modern housing market: well-maintained area of the complex, parking, security, swimming pool, playground, volleyball and basketball courts.

Resale apartments are often sold newly renovated, fully or partially equipped with furniture, built-in kitchen, double-glazed windows, etc.

New buildings - with a fine surface finish, tiled or laminate floors, hypoallergenic painted walls, plasterboard or suspended ceilings, lamps, built-in kitchen with granite countertops, equipped bathrooms and toilets.

Description and Infrastructure of Tosmur District in Alanya

This area is especially suitable for families with children, middle-aged people and the elderly. 300 sunny days a year without sweltering heat, warm winters, healing mountain air, large car parks and groves are the main characteristics of Tosmur's ecological value.

Climatic Conditions and Attractions

The landscape of Tosmur is characterized by hilly terrain. Unlike other recreational areas of Alanya, the city does not stretch along the coast, but is built perpendicular to it, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the picturesque massif of the Taurus Mountains.

The air temperature in summer is + 27-30 °С (water in the sea has + 26-28 °С), the air temperature in winter is +15-18 °С. It rarely snows here, but there are regular rains out of season.

One of the main historical monuments of Alanya is the 33 m high brick Red Tower (Kizil Kule). It was built in the 13th century and for several centuries it served as the main defense structure for the locals.

Red Tower is considered one of the main attractions of the city.

Among the natural beauties of Tosmur stands out the mountain cave Dim with an underground lake and salt formations of bizarre forms - stalactites and stalagmites.

Recreation and Health

The only river Dim flows in Tosmur. The local population has long been spending the summer months on its river banks. The water temperature in it, even on hot August days, does not rise above + 15 °C. Pleasant coolness coming from the reservoir, constantly blowing light sea breeze, mountain air and the aroma of citrus groves, have a beneficial effect on health and well-being.

The aroma of citrus groves has a beneficial effect on health.

The swimming season lasts from the second half of April to November (sometimes it lasts until the middle of the month). The descent into the sea is gentle, the beaches are sandy, with small pebbles. Boulders and stones are not found in the swimming area. Like the whote territory of the city, the sea coast is clean, tidy and has the highest rating of accepted resort standards - the Blue Flag.


Each residential complex is a fenced protected area with: parking, parking for bicycles and electric cars, outdoor pool (sometimes two). There are gazebos, children's playground, basketball and/or volleyball courts, a recreation area equipped with everything needed for barbecue. Some of them are equipped with a tennis court, golf course and table tennis.

Some residential complexes have tennis courts.

A characteristic feature of the area is the landscape architecture: trimmed shrubs, beautiful trees and flowers, tiled paths and cascades of miniature waterfalls create coziness and a peaceful positive atmosphere for relaxation and walks.

Shopping - Trading points

In addition to chain supermarkets, of which the A-101 is the most popular and affordable, there are many small private shops in Tosmur. You can buy everything you need in them: from shampoo and toilet paper to cereals and cigarettes. These shops are traditionally located on the first floor of residential buildings.

Local attractions include the largest bicycle shop in the area. Its range also includes electric cars and small cars for children.

Once a week, there is a market in Tosmur.

Once a week there is a market in Tosmur. Food products (vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, fish, spices) are sold by local farmers. Within a week, they deliver fresh products of their own production to city shops. Separate lines are reserved for sellers of clothing, shoes, fabrics, jewelry, household items. Here you can always get a discount on goods: the ability to argue and agree is an integral part of a culture of relations.


The local population is provided with everything necessary for a comfortable life, including:

  • medical care;
  • preschool and school educational institutions;
  • sports complexes, fitness, spa and recreation centers;
  • ATMs.
The local population is provided with medical care.

In Alanya, there are 31,500 foreign residents from 82 different nations. Many immigrants do business in the region in the fields of trade, services and also in the field of education. For parents, who do not speak Turkish and have not fully adapted to life in the new country, there are international kindergartens and schools (English, German, Russian) opened in Alanya.

Leisure time

You can go fishing on the Dim River, which is full of trout. Your catch will be quickly cooked on the grill by the chefs of restaurants nearby.

Surfing, diving and fishing are available in specially designated areas on the sea coast.

There is a "Troy" water park in Tosmur.

There is a water park “Troy” in Tosmur. The entrance fee includes using the water slides descending into the pool and dolphin show.

The city has Sealanya Sea Park, the largest center for keeping marine animals in Turkey. There are 15 swimming pools and a large interactive aquarium on its territory.

An Overview of Average Prices and What They Depend on

The lower limit for property prices in the Tosmur area has been set at around € 35,000 - € 40,000 for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment and living area of ​​45 to 65 m2 (secondary market or complex under construction). The cost of housing directly depends on the degree of remoteness of the building from the beach.

If all other things are the same, the price of housing within walking distance of the sea (10-50 m) is 30-40% higher; for placement in the 1st coastal zone (100 - 500 m) - by 20%.

The cost of an apartment is determined by the following:

  • area;
  • distance to the beach;
  • layout (one-story apartment or duplex);
  • number of bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies;
  • new building or resale;
  • infrastructure development;
  • residential complex under construction or completed;
  • empty apartment or furnished;
  • panoramic views of the sea, mountains, river or the standard cityscape;
  • floor (standard apartment or penthouse).


The average prices of different types of housing are as follows:

  • 2+1, 100-120 m2 - from 60 000 € to 95 000-120 000 €;
  • 3+1, 150-180 m2 - from 95 000 € to 220 000 €;
  • 3+1 (duplex), 170-220 m2- from 100 000 € to 250 000 €; 
  • penthouse 4+1, 200-320 m2- from 450 000 €.

In some cases, the following additional payment options are available to buyers:

  • interest-free installment payments for several years;
  • mortgage loans of 6.5%.

For customers who have chosen the object or prefer to see several options, we offer a free inspection trip to Tosmur for up to 7 days. Our company takes care of the organization of flight, accommodation and transfer.