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Modern 2 Bedroom Apartments on the Coast of Esentepe, Cyprus
ID: 6059
300 m
45 km
Two-bedroom spacious apartments in Esentepe
ID: 6086
2 km
45 km
Elite Duplex Townhouses with Perfect Sea and Mountain View in Kyrenia, Cyprus
ID: 6067
2.5 km
50 km
Villas with Stunning Views in a Quiet Part in Cyprus
ID: 6004
600 m
55/120 km
Wonderful Villas with Luxurious Design in Calm Environment of Northern Cyprus
ID: 6038
500 m
45 km
Stunning Villas set in Tranquil Surroundings
ID: 6090
200 m
45 km
Semi-detached villas in Famagusta
ID: 6085
200 m
75 km
Single bungalow in Esentepe
ID: 6080
50 m
40 km
Three-bedroom unique villa in Esentepe, Cyprus
ID: 6087
50 m
50 km
Upscale Modern Property with Amazing Features in Girne, Cyprus
ID: 6014
20 m
80 km
Exclusive Villas with Amazing Sea View in Northern Cyprus
ID: 6032
200 m
5 km

Choosing where to invest, the owner first thinks about foreign real estate. It is possible to invest money profitably by purchasing a property in Cyprus. For the last two decades, foreigners have often opted for apartments and houses on the beautiful island of Aphrodite. The possibility of obtaining citizenship is one of the reasons why a villa in Cyprus is worth buying.

High-class villas for sale in Cyprus are of interest to affluent people

The advantages of buying a villa in Cyprus

The villa is an elite building designed for recreation or permanent residence which can be located both outside the city and within the city limits. Accordingly, it should have many rooms and reception rooms, a swimming pool, a garden, an outdoor terrace, staff rooms, several garages.

Why is a villa in Cyprus an excellent solution for investment?

The island meets all requirements for such investments and has numerous advantages:

  • It is a place with fabulous nature and a mild warm climate, without the sweltering moist heat.
  • Developed infrastructure, even in the most remote corner; the roads are considered to be the best in the EU (cars drive on the left).
  • Complete security for investors – the island has the lowest crime rate in the EU, and crime is virtually non-existent there.
  • simplified procedure of obtaining a visa.
  • The state protects investment.
  • Residents are sympathetic towards foreigners, in every village, there are shops, hospitals and schools with English speaking staff.
Cyprus Harbour

The island of Cyprus is famous for its wildlife, amazing landscapes and a beautiful coastline.The conditions for obtaining a residence permit are:

  • When buying a property over €300,000, its owner has the opportunity to apply for a temporary residence permit which is renewable.
  • Investments above €500,000 give the right to parents of applicants to obtain citizenship, it is also passed on by inheritance to their children.
  • To become a resident (citizen) of the EU, you need to buy a property worth €2,000,000 or more.

The demand for housing in Cyprus is growing every year after a fall in 2008, associated with the global crisis. The attraction is that the market is stable, there are no sharp swings in prices, and all projects have high rates of return, which means it can be sold without problems if necessary, even with income.

As of 2020, Cyprus is home to many foreigners, more than half of them have a residence permit (temporary residence permit), and a large percentage have received the citizenship.

Statistical data from the Land Department of Cyprus shows that 9,242 sales transactions occurred in 2018 and 10,366 in 2019, which is a 12% growth. More than a third of these transactions with citizens of Russia and CIS countries, the remainder were EU citizens. Most popular are apartments and houses in Limassol. Paphos and Larnaca.

Initially, it is necessary to determine for what purpose the property will be used - for business or investment in housing, recreation. For business purposes, you need to look for homes or offices in the cities of Limassol and Nicosia, close to the business centres. Like housing, it is best to buy an apartment or a modest house in small cosy towns along the coast. And for recreation - country real estate, closer to the sea.


The azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea surround the island; the coastline is an endless beach with free access. From the endless plains with fertile soil, giving excellent harvests of vegetables and fruits, to mountain slopes with vineyards and mountain ranges covered with ancient coniferous forests. Ecology is at the highest level.

In Cyprus, tourists will find a serene, relaxing environment.

Excellent climate - mild winters, the temperature does not fall below + 15 ° C. Spring begins in February with the blossoming of jasmine and orange groves. In summer, there are hot days, but the air is dry, and the heat is agreeable.

What kind of housing can be purchased

The authorities of Cyprus welcome the sale of real estate to foreigners; anyone can buy an apartment, house or villa; the amount of investment is not essential. All housing on the island complies with European standards: the standards and requirements of EN and DIN in terms of quality, availability of parking, landscaping of the surrounding area.

Apartments for housing and renting

The following types of apartments in multi-storey and low-rise residential complexes are available:

  1. Apartments in high-rise buildings

    Studio. It is one room, combined with the kitchen, toilet and bath (shower) are combined too—total space of apartment - from 27 to 65 sqm.

  2. 1 or 2 bedroomed apartments, separate bathroom, separate kitchen, there is a balcony or balcony—total space - from 30 to 65 sqm.
  3. 2 or 3 bedroomed apartments separate bathroom, separate kitchen, there is a balcony—total space - from 45 to 85 sqm.
  4. 3 or 4 bedroom apartments, two bathrooms, kitchen, balcony, large veranda. Total space - from 100 to 400 sqm.
  5. Penthouse - 2- or 3-level apartment on the last floors of luxurious houses. Advantages: view from the windows on 3-4 sides, the presence of a terrace or access to the roof. The number of bedrooms - from 2 to 5, bathrooms - 1-4, kitchens - 1-2. Total space - from 85 to 550 sq.m. In Cyprus, the penthouse is called a one-level apartment on the last floor or in the attic.

Houses and villas

Contemplate this property if you want to have a minimum amount of neighbours:

  1. Townhouse. A separate apartment in a building with two entrances or consecutive cottages. Each is attached to a small piece of land; there are two floors and an attic. There's a garage in the basement. Total space - from 90 to 350 sqm.
  2. Maisonette. A small house for 1 or 2 families within the city limits, there is a minimum ground area. Often several maisonettes are combined into a complex with a shared courtyard, garden, parking and swimming pool—total space - from 50 to 150 sqm.
  3. Bungalow. A small house by the sea with one room (less frequently two), designed only for summer accommodation. There is no heating—total space - from 35 to 100 sqm.
  4. Villa. Luxurious country property with a lot of premises for different purposes, a ground area with a garden and a swimming pool, several garages, separate accommodation for staff. Total space - from 140 to 500 or more sqm.
Villa is a classic-style country house with a garden or park.

In addition to housing, in Cyprus, you can purchase commercial real estate: office, hotel, guest house, shop, private clinic, apartment house (to rent out the apartments). Total space - from 50 to 2000 sqm.

General overview and the best areas of the island to buy a house

The Republic of Cyprus is an island state; almost 1,24 million people live here. The majority of the population are Greek Cypriots, 88 thousand are Turkish, 20 thousand are British, 6 thousand are Armenians about 50 thousand Russians live permanently, and 25 thousand stays temporarily.

The capital of the state is Nicosia with a population of just over 50 thousand people. The island has six districts each have governing bodies:

  • Nicosia (Lefkosia)
  • Limassol (Lemesos)
  • Famagusta (Amochostos)
  • Pathos
  • Larnaca
  • Kyrenia


Among foreigners, Limassol is the most popular - both as a holiday resort and as a place to invest in real estate. It is conveniently located on the south coast, allowing easy and quick access to the airports of Paphos and Larnaca, as well as to all local attractions. The city has excellent infrastructure, order and cleanliness.

Limassol is a city in southern Cyprus, the country's second-largest city.

The business part represented by numerous offices of international and offshore companies; there it is easy to find a prestigious job for those who speak foreign languages.

You can get to choose from public and private medical institutions (with foreign-speaking doctors), schools. There are ten private schools in Limassol, 6 of them with English as a language of instruction, 3 with Russian, 1 Arabic.

Almost all beaches (total amount is 17, 13 of them within the city) have been awarded the Blue Flag award for cleanliness, eco-friendliness and excellent improvement of facilities. Here you will find a gorgeous waterpark «Fasouri». Entertainment facilities and numerous restaurants allow you to enjoy your free time, global brands have branded boutiques there. Every year Limassol welcomes about 150,000 tourists.

Residential complexes with modern apartments are under construction in the city, and on the outskirts - several cottage villages, there is also an opportunity to choose between luxury villas with sea views.

The cost of properties here is the highest on the island, housing - from €100,000 to 2,000,000, offices - up to 12 million.


The capital of Cyprus located far from the coast (the journey by car takes more than half an hour), which makes it less attractive for tourists. Properties here are of a commercial type; the price is two times lower than in Limassol, as it is the centre of business life.

Nicosia is one of the most ancient cities on Earth, the capital of Cyprus.


It is the second-largest city in Cyprus with luxurious sandy beaches and a lot of luxurious real estate. This area is preferred by the British, prices in Famagusta are one third lower than in Limassol.

Famagusta is a city on the southeast coast of the island of Cyprus.


It is a popular place to invest in housing. The city's authorities deliberately limit the amount of tourist entertainment to protect the interests of the citizens. There are foreign language schools, shops, and medical institutions. Housing is in high demand here.

Larnaca is the third-largest city in Cyprus.


Paphos is a small resort town adored by the British. During the last decade, foreigners have actively started to buy new buildings in this quiet and beautiful place. Foreign schools have already opened, and foreign speaking doctors are now in the hospital—a suitable place for those who love silence, solitude and quiet rest. The cost of facilities is less than in other cities. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in Paphos is €45,000. A similar one in Limassol costs at least €60,000.

Paphos is a city in the southwestern part of the island of Cyprus.


It is a small town on the north coast with few foreigners and tourists. There is almost no housing for sale.

Kyrenia is a resort and port city located on the north coast.

The average cost of housing and what it is affected by

Our company offers a wide variety of properties, which allows you to choose a home that meets your requirements, taste and financial capabilities. The cost depends on the city, located in the centre or outskirts, number of storeys and the elite level of the building, the area of ​​housing. The most expensive are villas with large ground areas. Studio apartments and bungalows are the budget options. You can choose an inexpensive maisonette house in one of the outlying cottage villages at the price of a small apartment in European cities.

The most expensive real estate is in Limassol and Larnaca. Paphos and Famagusta offer similar apartments and houses at a lower cost. Housing sales in Nicosia and Kyrenia are underdeveloped.

Variation in prices for different types of apartments and houses is as follows:

  • Studio - from €30 thousand to €200 thousand

  • 1-bedroom apartment - from €45 thousand to €350 thousand

  • 2-bedroom apartment - from €50 thousand to €450 thousand

  • 3-bedroom apartment - from €100 thousand to €2 million

  • Penthouse - from €120 thousand to €15 million

  • Townhouse - from €120 thousand to €350 thousand

  • Maisonette - from €90 thousand to €220 thousand

  • Bungalow - from €40 thousand to €100 thousand

  • Villa - from €400 thousand to €5 million

  • Commercial properties - from €400 thousand to €12 million.


Our company is a direct agent for the sale of all types of housing in Cyprus, including luxury villas, new and old builds. If you are interested in our offers, we are pleased to inform you that an introductory tour to Cyprus to inspect real estate is organized for you free of charge.