Best Bike Routes in Turkey

For those who want to explore nature by cycling, our country offers many areas. We have compiled the most beautiful cycling routes for those who wish to travel by bike.


This area is going to be the best place for you to take pictures as you are cycling. But be warned, the paths are not straight, and some of them can be very rugged. Ürgüp, Avanos, Ihlara Vadisi are going to be the spots you will want to visit. When you are passing by, make sure to stay in one of the stone hotels.

Likya Path

The Lycian path is the longest route on our list. You can enjoy the Mediterranean coast as you are cycling the 555 km long track. The trail starts in Fethiye and ends at Antalya. Most of the people tend to travel part by part, so we will leave that up to you.

Tekirdağ – Uçmakdere - Şarköy

If you want to pedal somewhere close to Istanbul, you can enjoy the view of the Marmara sea. Alternatively, you can choose the coastal road between Uçmakdere, Mürefte and Şarköy, which is quite uphill.

Taraklı – Mudurnu – Abant

If you want to see all sorts of lush greenery, this is the route for you. You can travel to Bolu and see the Abant lake and take advantage of the facilities around it.


For people who like to see historical areas, Çanakkale- Gelibolu is the place for you.


One of Turkey's most oxygen-rich areas is located in Kazdağları. You can visit small villages like Asos, Begramkale and Zeytinli.

Ayder Plateau

If you want to travel to one of Turkey's most green place where you can see many shades of green, make sure to visit Ayder. Because it is a popular place, it is a very crowded place, especially in Summer. Enjoy the many untouched highlands of Rize and Artvin.


Alanya has one fo the longest coastlines in the World. Cycling is very enjoyable in Alanya, which runs from Gazipaşa to Manavgat and has a coast that lasts for miles without interruption even as you are passing through the city centre.