A Sun Rising From The East

A Sun Rising From The East

The 100th anniversary of Gaziantep's "Gazi" title, which is famous for its cuisine, hospitality, and history, is celebrated today. In the city, which welcomes its visitors with centuries-old inns, coffees, mosques, and original houses, there are many local delicacies other than just kebabs.

As you explore Gaziantep, you can start by stepping on Culture Road's historical center. You can find Antep houses on Dereboyu Street, where the tour begins. Then move on to the central castle that dates back thousands of years attained its present glory in the 6th century A.D. Only 12 of its 36 towers have survived to the present day. It is said that the name of the castle was once called "Kala-i Füsus" (The Ring Castle), came from the ring sold by the governor of the period so that the construction could continue. 

Walk the Cultural Route

There are many inns, bazaars, mosques, Mevlevi lodge, Turkish baths, and coffeehouses along the Cultural Route. This two-story Han was used to host the shops of ring makers and merchants. Next to it, the barn in the shape of a cave was a place where you keep your camels.

The Anadolu Han is used as the Halicilar Bazaar; it has two courtyards, unlike other inns and tütün (tobacco) Han is one of the smallest inns in the city. You should definitely see the basement part, which is carved into the rocks if you come here. Kurkcu Han was built in 1890, and Bugday Bazaar was built in the 19th century, is a typical example of Ottoman architecture. This structure built in 1718 consisted of a central courtyard and the surrounding shops used for many things ( wheat trade, vegetable, and meat market ). It has an L-shaped design with approximately 80 shops.

Inns and baths

One of the most important craft branches of the city since the 16th century was coppersmithing. In the 20th century, it started to lose its former importance. Bakircilar market area once hosted these artisans and remained neglected for many years. Still, thanks to the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, they have started a new project to restart and preserve this craft. Here you also have the opportunity to see copper processing methods.

There are also other historical inns ( Hans ) on the Culture Road; Pürsefa Han, Emir Ali Han, Yeni Han, Budeyri Han, Tuz Han, and more. Some have undergone restoration, while others patiently await their turn. Also, do not forget to visit mosques in the city.

Another historical heritage on the Cultural Route, Naib Hamam, successfully continues the Ottoman bath tradition after its restoration. There are three more historical baths on the same road; Goymen, Dutlu, and Pasha Hammam. If you want to take a break on the Culture Road, there is a nearby garden that has cafes, but the most popular one is Tahmis Coffee shop that was built and in service ever since the year 1640.

Historical sites

Gaziantep is filled with many historical sites. That probably explains why city hall is working so hard to add an additional feature to this is rich land. You can find the Heroic ( Kahramanlik ) museum filled with pictures, letters, photos, and statues. But that's not all; you can find old restored houses that have been turned into their own unique museums, some of which are now toy and cuisine culture museums. Yes, you read correctly, a cuisine culture museum.

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