Bodrum Villas For Sale

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Three-bedroom semi-detached villa with fabulous garden in Tuzla, Bodrum
ID: 7088
300 m
18 km
Five-bedroom private villa with a modern twist in Yalikavak, Bodrum
ID: 7089
400 m
58 km
Four-bedroom old fashioned villa with a modern twist in Gundogan, Bodrum
ID: 7092
400 m
55 km
Two-bedroom semi-detached villa in Yalikavak, Bodrum
ID: 7096
2 km
57 km
Sea view spacious five-bedroomed villa in Gundogan, Bodrum
ID: 7099
600 m
54 km
Luxurious stone-finished villa in Yalikavak, Bodrum
ID: 7098
600 m
38 km
Quaint villa with gorgeous outdoor area in Gumusluk, Bodrum
ID: 7078
2 km
52 km
Two and Three-bedroom gorgeous bungalows in Yalikavak
ID: 7079
1.5 km
48 km
Five-bedroom chic villa project in Yalikavak, Bodrum
ID: 7083
1 km
55 km
Luxurious sea view villas that offer an exclusive life in Bodrum
ID: 7086
50 m
48 km
Private three-floored villa with swimming pool in Gulluk, Bodrum
ID: 7087
2 km
12 km
New Villas in Wonderful Green Environment of Bodrum
ID: 7073
800 m
47 km

Adding that they are all prefered by foreigners, there are many villas for sale in the Aegean region and Bodrum being the most popular amongst them. That is why construction companies build villas in Bodrum, considering the needs and style of foreigners. Also, most villas are generally built in a large area which is shared. Almost all of these sites have security, playgrounds and a swimming pool. However, some villas were not built within a complex for more private seeking homeowners. These villas generally have their own facilities, but they will cost more. However, it's not only privacy that determines the price. There are many factors in determining the cost of the property for sale.

Factors in determining the prices of villas

  • Whether the villa is in a complex or not,
  • Whether the villa has its own pool or not,
  • Number of floors of the villa for sale,
  • Number of rooms,
  • If the villa for sale has furniture,

We can list many more factors that determine the prices, but these options tell us the value of the villa.

After specifying why you are looking for a villa for sale in Bodrum, we ask your needs, demands and how you want to buy a villa. In line with your answers, we offer you a choice of villas in Bodrum. Above we briefly talked about the choice of villa. Now, let's talk about the details.

Selection on Bodrum villas

First of all, we mentioned that you need to specify the purpose for which you are looking for when buying a villa. However, we did not determine which purposes you can look for villas for sale. You can find villas for three different purposes. The first of these purposes may be to search for investment villas. Another reason why you might be searching for a villa for sale is to live in. The last reason being that you might use the villa only as a summer home.

In this case, you may have a question about how to make the right decision when looking at villas. In such a case, we recommend you to get services from a real estate company that knows the Bodrum region very well and has served in Bodrum for many years. If you are interested in buying a villa and you decide to buy one from our company, here are some of the services we provide.

Summer Home real estate services

  • Finding a villa or apartment for sale,
  • Finding customers to rent a villa or apartment,
  • Find a buyer for a villa or apartment,
  • Negotiate prices with owners of villas or apartments on behalf of their customers,
  • Support sales transactions after a price agreement are signed,
  • Providing support for leasing after price agreement,
  • We help our customers with problems post-purchase of the house.