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Two-bedroom duplex apartment offering sea view in Gulluk, Bodrum
ID: 7095
800 m
9 km
One-bedroom furnished apartment with sea view in Tuzla, Bodrum
ID: 7097
700 m
18 km
Fully furnished two-bedroom apartment in Tuzla, Bodrum
ID: 7091
750 m
18 km
Two-bedroom apartments in gorgeous surroundings in Gulluk, Bodrum
ID: 7085
400 m
13 km
Fully-furnished two-bedroom apartment for sale in Tuzla, Bodrum
ID: 7094
700 m
18 km
Unique duplex in Bodrum
ID: 7084
3 km
14 km
Brand New Apartments in Beautiful Surroudnings in Bodrum
ID: 7058
800 m
15 km
Private three-floored villa with swimming pool in Gulluk, Bodrum
ID: 7087
2 km
12 km
Three-bedroom semi-detached villa with fabulous garden in Tuzla, Bodrum
ID: 7088
300 m
18 km
Detached Villa Close to Airport with Private Beach in Bodrum
ID: 7047
800 m
55 km
Sea view spacious five-bedroomed villa in Gundogan, Bodrum
ID: 7099
600 m
54 km
Apartments for sale by the seafront in Gumusluk, Bodrum
ID: 7093
50 m
52 km

Bodrum is one of Turkey's most fashionable districts. It is in the Aegean region of Turkey and is very crowded during summertime. Many people prefer this region for their holiday, and the increase in people is due to the activity around Bodrum centre. There is a significant increase in prices in all areas from restaurants, discos, shops and homes. The summer season starts in April and continues into October. During this period, prices in Bodrum will be high.

You may want to invest in Bodrum by buying a property or decide to live here yourselves. Property prices in Bodrum will be higher in summer due to its popularity. It is cheaper to purchase during the winter months when the prices are lower.

Please consider properties are more expensive when closer to the beach than those further inland.


Bitez is also a favoured holiday resort preferred by tourists in the summer months. Because of its popularity prices rise in Bitez during the height of the season. However, more affordable properties can be found in the winter. Life in Bitez is quite active for almost six months. The remaining six months are incredibly calmer.


Ortakent is located inside the city neighbourhood where you can find a cheaper property in Bodrum. In Bitez, there is also an increase in population during the summer. However, the real estate market in Ortakent is not affected much by the population growth, and prices in Ortakent do not vary during the seasons. However, if you want to buy property more reasonably, we recommend you search for property in Ortakent neighbourhood.


Konacik neighbourhood is not as popular as the other two neighbourhoods we mentioned above. It is much closer to Bodrum town centre. Konacık is not a popular area in summer. Therefore, almost every month of the year property prices are much cheaper than other Bodrum neighbourhoods. Should you decide to buy an apartment in Bodrum, it may be more favourable for you to buy a property in Konacik. Konacik neighbourhood is a more inland area of Bodrum and close to the centre. We do not recommend you buy property in the centre of Bodrum because of the high prices.

To have a more affordable home in Bodrum, you must know the area very well. If you are not familiar with the town of Bodrum, we recommend that you engage the services of a real estate company that knows the district very well. Summer Home Real Estate, has been serving our customers in Bodrum for many years. First of all, you inform us of your needs and the kind of property required. We can assist you with ideas and suggestions when making your specifications.

Once we know your requirements, we search our database. Based on our experience in Bodrum, we can offer you the most affordable property options to meet your needs. Together we can decide which property is best for you. We aim to get you the property at the lowest price by negotiating with the seller. After a price agreement, we can provide support for sales transactions at your request. Several documents are necessary for the sales transactions, and these documents will need to be translated into Turkish by a translator. We can also offer this service to you. We have been operating in the Aegean and Mediterranean areas since 2004 and strive to give excellent service to our customers. With our experience, we can determine the most suitable property for your needs from our portfolios.