Cheap Villas in Turkey

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Modern 2 Bedroom Apartments on the Coast of Esentepe, Cyprus
ID: 6059
300 m
45 km
Semi-detached three-bedroom villa in massive complex
ID: 2507
2.5 KM
Luxurious Villas in Quiet and Green Surroundings of Belek,Antalya
ID: 3511
1.5 km
50 km
Luxury Villas with Stunning Views Over The Mediterranean in Alanya
ID: 1007
1,5 km
100/65 km
Private three-floored villa with swimming pool in Gulluk, Bodrum
ID: 7087
2 km
12 km
Three-bedroom semi-detached villa with fabulous garden in Tuzla, Bodrum
ID: 7088
300 m
18 km
Modern semi-detached villas in small complex in Avsallar
ID: 1582
700 m
115/40 km
Two-bedroom spacious apartments in Esentepe
ID: 6086
2 km
45 km
Detached Villa Close to Airport with Private Beach in Bodrum
ID: 7047
800 m
55 km
Sea view spacious five-bedroomed villa in Gundogan, Bodrum
ID: 7099
600 m
54 km
Fully-Furnished Villa with Swimming Pool in Belek,Antalya
ID: 3510
2 km
43 km

In almost every province of Turkey, it is possible to find villas for sale or rental. It is also possible to find cheap ones in nearly every area of Turkey. There are many, especially in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions that have a very favourable climate. In the summer the Mediterranean climate is hot and has very little rain. Winters have a mild temperature but can have heavy rainfall, approximately 60 days per year. Our climate lasts long in the summer. Therefore, both foreign and domestic tourists prefer these destinations for holidays. Since foreigners mostly prefer coasts, construction companies build villas, which are the preferred structures closest to the lifestyles of foreigners.

Villas are typically built with a large garden of their own. In the garden, there is a swimming pool and a playground that can only be used by the owners of the property. Villas are a maximum of two floors and have private car parking facilities. There are the necessary kitchen apparatus such as an oven and cooker. It has an en-suite bathroom.

Villas built in Turkey have all the specifications mentioned above. Construction of multiple villas are grouped together in a common location. Security protection is provided where there is more than one house and they usually have common areas for the properties here. So as mentioned above, there is a pool that can be used exclusively for each house. They can use the pool in the communal area. Likewise, there is a children's playground that can be used solely for the owners. Also, another feature that distinguishes these from others is that they are built alone is that there are sports fields provided. In the common lounge, there may be an indoor sports room, outdoor walking path, bicycle path and sports equipment. If we could compare the price of properties in Turkey, we can say that the stand-alone property prices can be much more than those sharing common areas. In both villa types, it is possible to find expensive and a more affordable option. If you want a cheaper, affordable houses, we recommend you look more inland and the more expensive ones are closer to the sea.

What are you looking for in a villa? According to the answer to this question, it will determine how to find cheap or more high-end house. You can search for a house in Turkey for three different purposes. The first purpose is an Investment. The second purpose is to live in Turkey. The third purpose is to have a second home where you can spend your holidays. Let's think about the first option, Investment. We recommend you to search for cheap properties in theese climates. Mediterranean and Aegean regions are Turkey's most touristic areas. Here, the term house rental is very active with the effect of having a lot of tourists. You can quickly evaluate the villa you may buy for investment purposes in these locations. Today, people prefer to rent a property during their holiday rather than staying at a hotel. It is easy to rent the property that you purchased for an Investment. After you buy a cheap house, you can return to your own country and continue your normal lifestyle.

Many real estate companies provide cheap villas in Turkey. Some real estate companies only offer their services where their main offices are located. Some real estate firms are large enough to give service within a large number of places in Turkey.

Summer Home Real Estate Company can help you with the correct answers to your questions. We have been in the real estate and construction business since 2004 and have gained an excellent reputation throughout Turkey.