10 Places For a Warm Vacation


Datça is one of the rare corners of our country which brings together the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. Even at the peak of the season, there are no floods of people in the resorts. On the contrary, it is the pitstop for those who want to rest in quiet and peaceful place. It has beautiful bays and its seasons last long. We would like to remind you that you can have a really peaceful holiday in Datça before you continue a stressful business period.


Side, which is one of the most popular holidays stops in Antalya, offers a vibrant nightlife, endless energy and a trip into the pass with the antique city. If you are in the Mediterranean region, you must add this place on your to do list while you are on holiday. The summer months offer quite different entertainment but according to some, the best time to visit the region in October. For this reason, those who are going to hit the road right now shouldn’t hesitate because summer is still going on in Side.


At the end of September, the crowds of Bodrum slowly fade and Bodrum becomes the pitstop for real Bodrum lovers. These days when the weather is still warm and the sea still has its usual beauty. If you are waiting for the last days of the summer to go on a vacation, or if you would like to experience it for the first time, you should consider without thinking it twice.

If you are thinking of nature and a nice holiday place, surely Olimpos should be one of the top places to visit on your list. Because this place has managed to stay totally natural, makes it more attractive. The lush nature that meets its unique sea makes this place worth seeing. Due to the fact that Caretta Carettas are ovulating in the area, it is declared as a protected area and it also provides the visitors with the bungalow accommodation experience.


Kaş is one of the most beautiful addresses for getting away from the city's stress, especially with its stone streets surrounded by white stone houses and restaurants offering the most delicious Mediterranean delicacies ( mostly fish ) and the magnificent sea, which is also a paradise for diving enthusiasts it offers an unforgettable experience.Thus, Kaş, which we can see as beautiful as ever in every season, takes its place on our list as one of the long-lasting holiday destinations.


Ölüdeniz's reputation, which is a resort of Fethiye, crosses the borders of the world and welcomes not only our country but also all over the world today. Especially the white sand and the sea with a rare sea thanks to a very popular feature of the lagoon formation is one of the most distinctive features of the lake with the effect of having a stagnant water. Of course, due to the climatic conditions, the number of visitors continues to increase every day as holidays take longer.


Adrasan is a town in the Kumluca district of Antalya. Being one of the most frequent stopping points of boat tours with the effect of being open sea and a natural harbor, this town has everything you need to get into the sea and the sun. The nature of Adrasan, which is about 55 km from Kemer, is the kind that will admire those who see it. What do you say we give it a chance here as we leave its most active period behind?

Kız Kalesi

Kızkalesi, located in Mersin-Erdemli and an important tourist destination for the region, is situated on an island about 500-600 meters away from the shore. This castle also gives the name of the town it is located in. Nowadays, the resort is often preferred for seaside holidays. If we are talking about the temperature and climate, especially for those who are saying "I could not get enough of summer." we can say that it is ideal to be one of the first choices.


Selimiye, which is preferred by the ones who want to rest in a quiet place and who want peace, welcomes the visitors in to the comfortable accommodation facilities in the town. Anyone who comes here just once becomes a regular visitor for the rest of their lives. Although the district is frequently preferred in recent times, it is still not as crowded as other popular holiday destinations. However, the most peaceful period of it is October without a doubt. So while the weather is still warm in Selimiye, you can plan a brief but refreshing getaway.


Since the season lasts longer, Alanya is one of the places that you can enjoy the last days of the summer and end it in a pleasing way. The county continues to maintain its beauty throughout the summer. Alanya has a wide range in of accommodations and also opens its doors to visitors to its nightlife to historical beauties, beaches, and other activities.