9 Pet Friendly Hotels to visit in Turkey

Our pets are members of our family. A vacation without them is quite tricky for all pet owners. That is why many pet owners want to take their pets on holiday. Therefore, they have to spend more time looking for pet-friendly hotels. So today we decided to make it a little bit easier for you to find a hotel with our top 9 hotels to visit in Turkey which is pet-friendly…

1. Alaçatı / Apaz Butik Hotel

Alaçatı, which is the heart of İzmir, welcomes its guests in all four seasons. Featuring the unique architecture of Alaçatı, this resort is a pet-friendly property. All of the options in the room were designed for your comfort and to make the accommodation very spacious and bright.

2. Taşucu / Olba Otel

Located in the Silifke district of Mersin, this pet-friendly resort welcomes guests to a seafront location. On the terrace of the resort, which shows a fantastic view of the horizon and the Mediterranean Sea under your feet.

3. Ayvalık / Simlarda Country Club

With being one of the most popular holiday places in the neighbourhood, stands out in the region as being an animal lover destination. There is even a small zoo in the hotel where you can admire the many variety of animals.

4. Trabzon Merkez / Blue Sea Hotel

With the hotel owning a fantastic view of the nature in Blacksea, the modernly build building consists of a moderns design and available for your pets. As well as being new it is very comfortable place to stay in.

5. İznik / Villa Atroa

Located right next to İznik Lake, the resort has a clean garden where your adorable friends can run and have fun. For the owners, on the other hand, they can enjoy the view and have a pleasant time by the swimming pool where you can cool off during the day.

6. Göreme / Charming Cave Hotel

Kaya hotel, which is built in the soil and rocks, creating a structure of harmony, is comfortable accommodation. Against the fantastic views of the fairy chimneys, your friends will be as comfortable as you are.

7. Datça / Akçabük Camping

This pet-friendly facility is covered with lush forest on one side of the sea and one side of nature. What more do you need? Akçabük Camping welcomes its guests to Palamutbükü, which has a quiet and unique bay.

8. Gökova / Susam Suites Hotel

As the name suggests, the resort is surrounded by sesame and orange groves. For those looking for peace on holiday, this might be the spot for you. With its large courtyard, swimming pool and organic cuisine, you and your lovely friend will enjoy it. You can also take advantage of the facilities in the area, such as hiking, cycling, boat tours with your lovely friend.

9. Çıralı / Leontopolis Apart Otel

Leontopolis Apart Hotel is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Antalya. Located in a lush garden and comfortable wooden bungalows have all the things you and your pet buddy will need.