A Paradise-like Spot Right in the Heart of Istanbul: Yıldız Park

In the heart of Istanbul, Yıldız Park is an oasis in the middle of all chaos, traffic, noise, joy; A small paradise for those who want to breathe in Istanbul. In the mythological stories, the Star Grove is known as the place where Pan plays his flute in Istanbul; Lale Devriinos entertainment center, Çırağan Palaceçs backyard, used as a casino in the Republican Period. It is currently being serviced by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Where is Yıldız Parkı?

Yıldız Park is the biggest grove in İstanbul and is located between Besiktas and Ortaköy, right in the opposite of Çırağan Palace. On the Çırağan Street, there is an entrance between the Security Directorate and the Mecidiye Mosque and the upper entrance is on Palanga Street in the upper part of Barbaros Street. Access from both entrances by car is possible, but only in front of the kiosks in the car park in front of the small car park is my advice to come in your car.

The easiest way to come is; you can reach the Çırağan entrance with a short walk from the Beşiktaş pier. In the map below, you can see the location of the Yıldız Park and the kiosks within them.

Things to Do in Yildiz Park

Yıldız Park is green and colorful in every season with its different trees and season-specific flowers. If you like nature walks but cannot get away from Istanbul, Yildiz Park is for you. You can literally do hiking here because of the rough terrain.

With the recent landscaping in the park, there were waterfalls, suspension bridges, walkways without vehicles, and it really became a wonderful park of world class.

Malta and Tent Lodge

There are also places to visit outside in Yıldız Park. Malta Mansion, Tent Lodge is at the top of these. The operation of Malta and Çadır Kiosks are currently serving as a restaurant in the Metropolitan Municipality. Also, the kiosks have a historical value so you can go there to just see around.

The Malta Kiosk has a wonderful Bosphorus view from the garden and the second floor.

You can watch the swans in the fountain in front of the tent pavilion. Both are delightful delightful kiosks.

Yıldız Şale Museum

Yıldız Şale Museum is owned by the National Palaces. The entrance to the museum should be considered among the Stars Palace buildings even though it is inside Yıldız Park. Entrance fee is 20 TL in 2018 and the Museum Card is not valid.

Yıldız Tile and Porcelain Factory

The Tile and Porcelain Factory, located in the section near Yıldız Park's Palanga Street entrance, was built in order to improve the ceramics in the Ottoman period. The factory, which is still in production, serves as a museum and it is connected to the National Palaces. The entrance fee is 20 TL and the Museum Card is not valid.

Breakfast in Yıldız Park

I mentioned before that Malta and Çadır Kiosks were serving as restaurants. There is a buffet breakfast in the mansions until noon. Spread breakfast for the week is 32,5TL, the breakfast buffet at the weekend is 42,5TL.

There is also a rural coffee shop in the park, where you can spend your meal with a lighter breakfast such as omelets and pancakes.

My suggestion is to bring your own picnic basket and enjoy your breakfast in the forest on one of the picnic tables in the park.

If you ever come to Beşiktaş, I strongly advise you to take the time to Yıldız Park and enjoy one of the best days of your life.