fethiyeFethiye is a city in the Aegean region of Turkey that is well-known tourist centre. Fethiye has Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool rainy winters.

Fethiye has wonderful nature with pine and cedar forests, majestic mountains, clean sandy beaches, islands and bays and this amazing coast line creates an excellent basis for yacht tourism. This area is also famous for wonderful sea and underwater tuff caves and one of the most visited and most beautiful beaches in Turkey, nature reserve Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz) is just 15 km away. This 3 km long natural beach has crystal blue water and stunning green scenery.

There are many historical places in Fethiye that are interesting for visitors, such as Roman amphiteathre located in the harbour, ruins of the fortress of the Rhodes knights, Lycian tombs and Fethiye Tower.fethiye marina

There are many places around Fethiye that are worth visiting. Saklikent gorge is a second largest gorge in Europe and it has sculpted walls soaring high above. Many tourists come to visit this gorge, which has wooden boardwalks along part of the trail high above the river. Kayakoy is a museum village just 8 km south of Fethiye and consists of hundreds of Greek-style houses and churches. Pinara is an ancient city with the remains of several temples, rock tombs or theatre. Letoön was an important Lycian religious centre and nowadays, this area with three temples is protected by UNESCO. Xanthos is also listed as UNESCO site and visitors can see here a lot of monuments, mosaics, theatre, agora and acropolis. Butterfly Valley is a home to various butterfly species with wide range of colours and can be observed in the valley between June and September.

Fethiye is an amazing place not just for holidays, but became also a home for who wants a peaceful life in a beautiful nature and historical city.

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