SideSide is an ancient Greek city on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, approximately 75 km from Antalya. Side is one of the most popular seaside resorts and a historical site which lies on a small peninsula that is full of archaeological wonders. This place is on both sides surrounded by deep azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Side was an important commercial town. It served as a port for merchants who were travelling to trade with other countries. It was a slave market and also a centre for piracy.
Over the years, Side has become very popular with being one of the best holiday destiantions and it has managed to keep its scenic beauty and authenticity. Side has a significant number of archaeological treasures in the old part of Side that is built in a particular style. You can find here wonderful 2-storey stone buildings with wooden balconies all along the narrow, winding alleyways.

Side has a wonderful history with many ruins that attract tourists. Its history is dated back to the 7th century BC. The entrance of Side is dominated by amazing amphitheatre with a capacity of 15,000 seats. This amphitheatre is the largest in the area and dates back to 2nd century AD. Another wonderful historical sight that you may visit in Side is Apollo Temple, dating to the Roman period and the difference from other temples is its antechamber with a pair of massive Corinthian columns. There is a public bath that is restored as a museum with statues and sarcophagi from the Roman period.

Agora in the square offers the remains of the round Tyche and Fortuna temple. The ruins of Side includes three temples, an aqueduct and nymphaeum that was an artificial grotto or fountain building of elaborate design.
Side is a wonderful ancient city with many things to see and do, so if you are looking for a nice quiet holiday home in Turkey, Side offers you everything that you dream of.

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