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Adventures in Alanya

Whether you’re here on holiday, looking to buy a property or have bagged yourself a holiday home with a stunning view there’s always something fun going on that you can join in with on the stunning coast of Alanya.

At 5 AM (the time changes daily throughout summer) head down to Keykubat beach, behind the council offices, and try a new, exhilarating experience; SUP boarding.

As the sun rises over the Taurus mountains you can paddle out over the serene, translucent sea gazing down at the colourful fish below. This unique experience allows you a glimpse into the ocean life below. Furthermore, in the months of July and August it’s highly likely that you will be paddling alongside turtles as these months are crucial in the egg-laying ceremony these beautiful creatures must complete.

Yoga & SUP

If you are feeling more adventurous, why not book a SUP board Yoga experience? Bend and stretch in your own time under the guidance of Gefi the Yoga teacher. Meditate listening to the calming sounds of the sea and watch as the sun silently rises overhead. 

If you fancy trying this exciting experience then contact Bariş Dülgar on Instagram to book your paddleboard journey or gefiyoga@gmail.com if you fancy giving SUP board yoga a twirl!

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