Alanya's Cable Car

Are you looking for a city where you can enjoy the beach? Are you looking for a city rich with history? Maybe you don't want either of them, and you just want to enjoy the nightlife. Well, Alanya has all of these qualities and more. Alanya is a beautiful city which has two beaches on either side of the castle. They are both different from one another one being the famous Cleopatra beach and the other one being the public beach. If you are one of those people who stay on the beach all day and looking for a fabulous place, why not spend some time in the evening by the castle with the cable car.

Alanya's cable car was built in 2016 and opened in 2017. It is 300 metres high and 900 metres in length. There are 16 cabins which can carry more than 1000 people per hour. The cable car was planned carefully and was built to serve people in good and adverse weather conditions. The cabins can operate when winds are blowing at 70 km per hour. Even though it is difficult to find those sort of weather conditions in Alanya, it is nice to know it was well built. Once you are in the cable car, it only takes 20 seconds to reach the castle. As you are going up the world-famous Cleopatra Beach, the cable car gives you the chance to see how magnificent Alanya trully is with a birdseye view. As the Summer Home Real Estate office, we recommend you to use the cable car just before the sunset. You can see all the different colours of the sun and the surroundings of Alanya.

The Cable car is near the Damlatash cave, which is next to the 100. Year government park. It is open between the hours of 09.30 – 23.00. The price of 22 Turkish Lira one way, if you want a ticket for both ways, it is 28 Turkish Lira. For students, both ways are 17 Turkish Lira, for one way it is 14 Turkish Lira. You can also bring your bike with you as you are going up to the castle, but the prices are higher because you are covering more space in the cabin. For the prices, you can ask the staff who are working there.

When you are going to buy a ticket, you must have your identity card with you. If you don't have one, a copy of your passport will do just fine. Lastly, we would like to add that you can’t buy tickets online yet, but on the website, they are working on it and you will be able to buy tickets online soon.

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