Ankara Travel Guide

In 1923, Ankara was declared the capital of Turkey, which is located in the Anatolian region. Due to its geographical location, it is homed to many civilizations in the past. Excavations show that there was life in these lands during the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Copper Age. The Hittites were the first people to have lived here. Then Phrygians, Lydian and Persians had lived here. According to researches, the inscriptions revealed that the Phrygians called this region Ankyra, which means ship anchor. If you visit Yassihoyuk region, you can come across historical ruins of Phrygians.

What to Do?

Ataturk's Tomb ( Anitkabir )

We suggest that this should be the first place you should see. It consists of too many sections.

Peace Park

The area was built with saplings brought from foreign countries and various places in Turkey. Therefore, it is called Peace Park.

Lion Road

You can reach by climbing a wide ladder consisting of 26 steps which in total is 262 meters long. There are 12 lion statues on both sides giving its name.

Hurriyet Tower

There is a photo exhibition showing the development of Anitkabir and stone samples used for the construction.

Independence Tower

The Mausoleum of Ataturk is featured, and introduced with photographs.

Mehmetcik Tower

You will find a cinema hall with a capacity of 60 people. Documentary films about Ataturk and Ataturk's Mausoleum are shown here.

Victory Tower

The car carrying Ataturk's body is on display.

Ismet Inonu Sarcophagus

A symbolic sarcophagus of Ismet İnonu.

Peace Tower

The cars used for Lincoln's ceremony and authority by Atatürk between years of 1935-1938 are exhibited.

23 April Tower

A special Cadillac used by Ataturk between 1936 and 1938 is displayed.

Misaki National Tower

There are two panels in the tower where the Memorial Book of Ataturk's Tomb was signed and the photographs of the high-level visits to Ataturk's Tomb.

Inkilap Museum

There are Ataturk's clothes and objects that were presented to him.

Republic Tower

Ataturk's wax statue and an original work desk are exhibited here.


In the entrance, you can see Ataturk's written speech to the youth is on the left and Tenth Year Anthem on the right. There are Ottoman carpets and rugs motifs which are embroidered with gold, silver and pearls. Ataturk's sarcophagus is made from a monolithic marble that weighs 40 tons.

Ataturk Forest Farm

It is famous for its restaurants, parks and picnic areas. You can get there by bus.

Golden park

The exhibition centre where international fairs are held in this park. Feza Gursoy Science Center is a place where children can have fun and do various experiments.

Golbasi Park

It is located on the shore of Lake Mogan. The beach has restaurants, coffees and a pool. If you wish to visit, we recommend you come here in the summer months.

Museum Of Anatolian Civilizations

It is in the neighbourhood called Atpazari. Ataturk wanted a museum to display of Hittite monuments in Ankara. The Kursunlu Han- Mahmud Pasha Bedesten and the Ottoman building, were repaired to be used as the Ankara Archaeological Museum.

Ataturk House and Railway Museum

Ataturk used this place in Ankara and made crucial decisions. To protect the historical heritage, he made this building a museum.

Ankara State Museum of Painting and Sculpture

A museum made and designed upon Ataturk's request.

When to Visit Ankara

Ankara has a continental climate. Winters are very cold, and the summers are very hot. The best months to spend time here are March, April, May, September and October.

Where to Stay in Ankara Turkey

You can rent a house in the city centre or stay in 3-4 or 5-star hotels. The best hotels in terms of price-performance are Anemon, Hilton Garden Inn, The Green Park and Sheraton hotels. Apart from these hotels, there are many other hotels where you can stay.

What can I eat in Ankara?

Since many civilizations have lived here throughout history, it has a wide variety of cuisine. We especially recommend you to try “Urus Kapama”. Apart from this, the dishes made with meat are “Alabortme”, “Calla”, “İliskik” and “Homaca”. The most famous soups are “As”, “Dutcu”, “Keskek”, “Miyane” and “Toyga”. Famous dishes are “Efelek”, “Mumbar”, “Carciran”, “Cilbir”, “Goce”, “Koremez”, “Mihlama”, “Omac”, “Papara”, “Saz”, “Tatmak Tiridi”, “Topac”, “Hamman” and “Bazlama”. Among the desserts, “Quince borana”, “Birtlak”, “Daslak”, and “Ekir” are the head.

Public Transportation

Although the city transportation in Ankara is very crowded, it is quite comfortable. You can easily reach anywhere with busses and trains, or you can go directly by taxi.

How to Get to Ankara

By Bus: There are buses from anywhere of Turkey that can take you to Ankara.

By Plane: You can find many direct flights in Turkey. But if you are travelling from abroad, you might need to change flights as you arrive.

By Train; there are trains from Istanbul, Eskisehir and Kayseri.